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Drone Robot Developed By Scientists with the Ability to Fly and Walk

The Step Towards a New Generation of Technology to Not Cause Any Damage to Human Life.

Animals have different abilities, like some can fly, some can walk, and even some can swim. But all animals or birds cannot do these all things. Luckily, this new robot can fly like a bird, walk, and swim, and even skateboard. This robot can easily do the slake line and skateboard, and these are human skills that not anyone can learn quickly.

The name of the robot is Leo, as mentioned by Science Robotics. Leo’s name is the short form of Leonardo, and that is a too short form of the legs onboard drone. The name of the robot makes an image that it is a robot that has legs. The legs have multi-joint to perform, and arms look like propel thrusters and have a body that contains the electronics and motors and a helmet in the shape of a dome.

The team behind this robot belongs to Caltech, robot develops by the team is known as Caltech and they were interested in developing the transition of flying and walking for the robot. They even studied the flying and landing behaviors of birds to apply the same method to the robot. The video shared by the authority shows that how a robot takes a step on a staircase upside down to show motion gracefully.

The author of Caltech said that they had studied the chronology of flying and walking and the dynamics of control standpoints. The robot can mix the flying and walking and complete 7.87 inches per second of the walk. The balance in walk happens due to the wideness of the steps, placement of feet, and torsos concerning the legs.

For the robot to use the skateboard, the team divided the process into two steps: first, the control of angle, and second, the control of acceleration and deceleration. The team has placed Lego’s legs to help the body and accelerate forward. Besides having all the cool features, what is the need to make a Lego robot? The authors of the paper answered that the critical elements of the Lego robot enable many things that any ground or aerial robot cannot do.

Leo robots can make interactions with the applications or structures having high-altitude. These jobs are dangerous for humans to perform, and these robots are the substitutions for the task to get completed. These jobs are like: high voltage inspection, painting of high edge bridges and walls, an inspection of oil refinery and high roofs and much sensitive equipment.

Leo has an up-gradation to improve its performance that helps to support its weight and increase the force on the propellers. The makers of Leo also want to add the drone landing algorithm to it. That will help the robot to decide when and where it has to land and walk.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Mishaal Muzaffar

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