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Google Developed Their CPUs and Processors for Chromebook Laptop

Producing New Chips for Giving a Tough Competition in the Market.

Google has decided to make its processors and CPUs for Google Chromebook and tablets. Many strong competitors are developing their CPUs and see this as a solid competition to grow in the market. In 2023, Google has planned to launch these processors and CPUs for their Chrome operating system. Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Alibaba holding group, and Microsoft have produced their semiconductors that help give power to their cloud services and increase the efficiency of their electronic products. Google has also decided to launch its chips to provide robust competition to their global rivals. Google was inspired by the strategy of Apple for producing the semiconductors for their Mac computers and laptops.

Google has used the blueprints of Arm for producing the CPUs and mobile processors. Arm is a UK-based company whose IP is used by companies for mobile devices. Google has also increased its production of pixels 6 range and has high hopes with it. In the 2019 pre-pandemic era, their production capacity of mobiles was 50%. Google held a meeting with its suppliers to highlight the growth potential in the international market. They thought of it because they are the only U.S Company that makes these handsets with AndroidOS. The tech titans are developing these custom chips to give help in providing specific programs to their customers. It will deliver less workload to R&D and new custom software and hardware integration to the users.

This chip development requires a lot of investment and long-term commitment. These tech developers also have to fight for the production capacity with the existing chip developers like Qualcomm, Intel, and other chip developers. The cost of designing a 5 nm chip that has a cutting-edge design requires $500 million. Very few developers have skilled labor who can develop these chips. Google has decided to hire experts from Qualcomm and Intel for the development of chips.

The sale of Google Chromebook held high in 2021 due to the rise of the pandemic, and remote learning pursued people to purchase them. However, Google did not provide any information regarding the usage of Tensor mobile processors in their brand-new Pixel 6.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Imaaz Nadeem

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