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Virgin Released its New Concept and Design for The Hyperloop Train System

Traveling in Vacuum Tubes at Jet Speed Containing Thousands of People.

Virgin has released the introductory video on the concept of Hyperloop traveling. In 2012, that concept was determined by Elon Musk. But he has not done any work on it. Instead, he is focusing on reckoning the production issues with his cars. 

To define further, Hyperloop is the mass-transit system that has low-pressure sealed tubes. It helps travelers to move faster in the environment but with little resistance. This option is an energy saver and also an eco-friendly technology. In 1848 the original concept of the Hyperloop formed, but the researchers failed to control the pressure in closed tubes. That made them unsuccessful in starting this technology.

Elon Musk published a white paper in 2012 in which he discussed this concept of the Hyperloop. Many companies then started working on it, but none of them involved Musk. They started work to make this concept into reality. Last year, Branson’s Hyperloop tested the system with two executives of the company to travel in the Hyperloop. Over the next few months, Hyperloop appears to be making changes in the layout and structure of pods to place in the future.

The train departs from the magnetically levitated system, and the pods, instead of resting, are hanging the train off. The pods are based on battery life and not on the live wire. The company said that moving the system towards the levitation, pods, power, and propulsion is ten times more efficient than the current system of trains. Virgin Hyperloop has added caravans that help them to move from one destination to the other. Virgin is confident that the pods will transfer the train at 650 miles per hour and take tens of thousands of people in operation.

Poland-based company Nevomo has also planned to change their existing rail system with the version of Hyperloop. That will help them to reduce the cost of building new infrastructure for the train system. The company announced that the Hyperloop operation at a commercial level would commence from 2027. Until then, everyone has to wait for the experience of the Hyperloop.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Imaaz Nadeem

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