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Epic’s Billion-dollar Metaverse

Fortnite developer; Epic Games, has raised $1 Billion to accomplish their vision of the Metaverse.

The Metaverse has been the center of attention for a lot of high-profile companies in the last year. We’ve already talked about Facebook’s ambitions related to the Metaverse and how the company believes it to be their future. Epic games, another big shot software company, has shown interest in the Metaverse. Epic has confirmed that they have now raised $1 Billion to fund their very own Metaverse project.

The Metaverse is still just a concept, and it will remain that way until someone turns it into a reality. But this concept has intrigued many companies. The fact that Epic has secured an investment of $1 Billion is a testament to that. $200 Million of this investment came from Sony, a company that already enjoys a very healthy relationship with Epic. CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeny, had some good words to say about his investors.

 “We are grateful to our new and existing investors who support our vision for Epic and the Metaverse. Their investment will help accelerate our work around building connected social experiences in Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys while empowering game developers and creators with Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and the Epic Games Store.”

Epic’s idea of the Metaverse might not be completely different from all the other companies, but it might be the one that wins over more people. The Reason? Fortnite. It’s already evident that Epic wants to make Fortnite more than just a game. We have seen people attending virtual concerts in Fortnite. Companies like Wendy’s and NFL have used Fortnite for advertising. New game modes and characters from all over the entertainment industry are added to Fortnite regularly. Like it or not, Fortnite’s success is no joke, and Epic would want to put that to good use.

Fortnite is easily one of the most played battle royale games ever. Another thing to consider is that Fortnite is the only battle royale game with cross-play enabled on all platforms including, mobile. With it being so easily accessible to the audience, it won’t be surprising to see if Epic turns Fortnite into a functional Metaverse of their own.

Reported By: Imaaz Nadeem

Written By: M. Ibrahim Shahid

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