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China’s vision of a “Miles long” spaceship

Scientists and researchers in China have been researching the prospect of putting together a spacecraft that spans miles.

Investigating what exists beyond the cosmos is one of man’s biggest desires. Like many other aspirations of scientists, this is not an easy or cheap job. Space expeditions need to be planned carefully. Everything needs to be perfectly calculated to prevent any accident. And as simple as it may sound, carrying a bigger crew to space needs a larger spacecraft.

Scientists and researchers in China have been researching the prospect of putting together a spacecraft that spans miles. The idea was proposed as part of a substantial space project. A project that intends to corroborate “the future use of space resources, exploration of the mysteries of the universe, and staying in long-term orbit.” All of this is part of China’s intentions to double down on its ambitions of exploring space.

The details about the spaceship suggest that it will be “modular” in nature. All of its parts will be launched separately into space, and they will be assembled there. The reason behind the modular nature of the spacecraft is its weight. As it’s practically impossible to launch a spaceship this big in one go, it’ll take multiple launches to get all of its parts out of orbit. Doing all of this right is no easy task, and it will take an enormous effort from everyone involved to get it to work without any hiccups.

Along with this massive spaceship project, China has nine more proposed projects in the works. Five of these ten projects will be funded by the mathematical and physical sciences department. A maximum budget of $2.3 million has been determined for this.

China has already made huge strides when it comes to space exploration. They became the second country to land a rover on the moon in May. With China now making its intentions of ramping up its space ambitions clear, the competition among world powers is set to increase exponentially. And with projects like these, China will be a force to reckon with in coming years when it comes to space expeditions.

Reported By: Imaaz Nadeem

Written By: M. Ibrahim Shahid

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