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WhatsApp Rolls Out New ‘View Once’ Feature like Snapchat for Photos and Videos

Add an extra layer of privacy to your photos and videos with WhatsApp’s new ‘view once’ feature.


To stay ahead of rivals and keep the users engaged, WhatsApp keeps adding useful chat features. We now have a new WhatsApp feature that allows sending photos and videos that the receiver will only view once. This new feature was firstly out on Tuesday only for iPhone users with a new WhatsApp version. However, soon after this innovation, WhatsApp announced the rollout of this feature for all users, including the ones with Android phones.

Facebook WhatsApp has been testing the ‘View Once’ feature for quite some time to enable photos and videos to disappear from the chat once they are viewed. However, there is no restriction on the screenshots, and the sender won’t even know if the receiver has taken the screenshot or not. So, you still need to be careful before sending the media content. Additionally, the photos and videos sent through the view once feature will expire if not viewed within the next 14 days.

How to Enable View Once Feature on WhatsApp

Once you capture a photo from your WhatsApp camera, you will see a new view once icon ‘1’ is on the right side of the caption bar. Tap on that icon, and you’ve enabled the feature for that contact. In addition, you’ll need to enable this feature each time you want the photo to disappear from the chat after being viewed.

Benefits of View Once Feature

In their blog post, WhatsApp explained the reasons for adding this feature. One use of this feature is simply adding a layer of privacy when the users are sending something sensitive to others. You can use it when sharing a password or any other crucial details that you don’t want to be stored in the recipient’s phone.

Besides providing security, this feature also helps to prevent clutter in your phone’s gallery. Since taking photos and videos has become commonplace, the company claims that this media content can take up valuable storage space. These can include a shopping list, items in the mall, or other sensitive content. It also takes time to go through hundreds and thousands of WhatsApp photos and delete the clutter later. 

Therefore, to keep your phone tidy and save time, you can easily use this feature.  

Written by: Faiza Amin

Reported by: Zarrish

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