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Pilot Testing of TikTok’s New Feature ‘TikTok Stories’ is Underway

TikTok is soon launching its new TikTok Stories feature publicly to help creators interact with their fans casually.

The new stories feature is widely used on almost every social media app, Twitter being an exception. With its growing usage, we can say that the importance of the stories format is not changing anytime soon. TikTok has also confirmed the pilot testing of its new story feature, ‘TikTok Stories’.

The company says that this new feature will be an addition to the already existing long list of TikTok features, like Duets, videos, LIVE, and Stitch. They say that these stories are not meant to replace the existing features. It is simply a new way to allow the users to showcase their creativity in a much easier way.

The Public Launch of TikTok Stories

The release date of this feature to all TikTok users is currently unknown. The company is still in its pilot testing and has not announced the date yet. However, it’s been only a few days since the test is running. The new feature is available to a few users from the U.S to gain feedback from users.

How to Use the New TikTok Stories Feature

Social media consultant Matt Navarra discovered the feature. He is mostly among the first to find any new feature on different social apps. He says that many tipsters brought him the screenshots of this new feature, but he was not sure of the inclusion.

Different screenshots and videos show that the TikTok Stories feature is similar to the Story feature on other social networking sites. To make a story, people can use this feature by tapping on the camera button present on the new navigation bar on the left side of the screen. They can then add stickers, text, or other effects through the simple tools available. Similar to other platforms, you can either make a new video or photo or upload an existing one. This way, TikTok can also have access to their user’s larger camera rolls.

What Differentiates TikTok Stories from Other Social Apps

Unlike other social networking sites, TikTok stories allow users to leave comments publicly on the creator’s content. The company elaborates that the remarks are public, and mutual friends can read each other’s comments. There is an additional tab that tells how many people have viewed the story if you’re following those users. If you are not following them, you will see a button that allows you to follow them.

However, TikTok stories also disappear after 24 hours. To view stories of users you are following, scroll through the new sidebar and click on the creator’s avatar.             

Written by: Faiza Amin

Reported by: Imaaz Nadeem 

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