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Apple Revamps its Online Store

Apple launches redesigned online store with a dedicated Store tab on top-level navigation.

On Tuesday, The Apple Online Store went down for just about an hour, but it emerged from the stoppage with a brand-new look and a dedicated tab on Apple top-level navigation.

At the top of the Apple Online store, their images and resource links to many Apple products such as Mac, iPhone, AirPods lined. Some of those links take you to new customized Store pages for the products, which show detail about models’ stock and resources like guides, accessories, and support. On the main Store page, the also new sections like ‘Ways to Save, Shopping Guides, The Apple Difference, and more.

The new design is filled with cards a bit suggestive of the Apple Online Store app for iOS. It perceives mobile-first, with ease horizontal scrolling between cards on the phone and something that does not translate well to desktop. The site surfaces indicate you may need to tap.

There are not new products that update appears to be strictly a fresh primer coat for the online Apple store. And the pages for buying a product do not come out to be different than they were before.

The main page features several sections which highlight things relevant to what is the company’s progress. The first section beneath the main menu is The Latest acts up the newest products that the company has brought out. 

Below this, the section that is Apple Support in which you can learn more about your new Apple device. Another section contains The Apple Difference, which explains Apple’s concept and the experience when buying a product directly through the company. Another module that climaxes specific products include AirTag, Apple’s accessories, and services.

Apple has also brought back the devoted Online Store tab that used to be present on their website. The rest of the website is the same, divided up into separate sections for Apple’s products. Each of those sections explores further into each product category and the product itself.

The change to the store appears onward of what expected to be a busy fall for Apple company has allegedly to be working on the iPhone 13, new AirPods, and new MacBook Pros that could all be introduced soon. Whatever products Apple ends up announcing, now there is a new store that can exhibit them.

It has been a long time since we’ve seen a major refine to the Apple online store. The change is a great surprise for everyone who uses the online store to shop and learn about Apple products.

Writer: Amina Kiani

Reported by: Imaaz Nadeem

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