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Facebook Is Soon Launching Its RayBan Smart Glasses

Facebook is releasing its new full augmented reality glasses in 2021.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s upcoming hardware launch in the recent earning calls. He confirmed that the company would soon release the long-awaited smart glasses through a partnership with Essilor Luxottica, the owner of Ray-Ban. 

The Launch of New Smart Glasses by Facebook

We’ve heard rumors about Facebook’s smart glasses since 2019. Previously, some sources told CNBC that Facebook was working with Ray-Ban on AR eyewear nicknamed “Orion”. The glasses were advertised as a qualified replacement for the phone, which will make receiving calls, broadcasting live streams, and gathering information easy. Hugo Barra confirmed that they will be released anytime in 2021. However, no one knows the exact date yet.   

The Facebook CEO said that their first smart glasses have an iconic factor, and they will let people do some pretty neat things. However, we do not know what those “neat things” are, though, in the past, Facebook claimed that the glasses wouldn’t have an integrated display and will not be classified as an augmented reality device. We do not know if the glasses will make video calls or not or have access to a smart assistant. But, without an integrated display, they will probably count on a paired smartphone app for controls, just like Amazon’s Echo Frames. 

Facebook’s Project Aria

Mark Zuckerberg said that this collaboration with Ray-Ban is Facebook’s journey towards full augmented reality glasses in the upcoming days. The company is working to make such a product for a long time, glorifying the efforts of the Project Aria research unit.  

Facebook talked about its Project Aria back in September 2020, which is the company’s research project on wearable AR for the future. The company wants to make smart glasses that are flexible enough to fit any face shape and size. 

Facebook’s Full Augmented Reality Glasses

These glasses hold the key to Facebook’s future. Besides virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) is vital for forming the “metaverse”, said Zukerberg. Soon, Facebook will morph into a liveable, shared platform that will allow people to shop, work, and socialize with the help of VR and AR. 

Facebook is spending billions of dollars on building its shared universe to have a significant population of Facebook users and digital ads. In order to turn it into reality, the company is trying its best to make the product as affordable as possible so more people can buy it.    

Written by: Faiza Amin

Reported by: Imaaz Nadeem

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