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Netflix Planned to Launch Video Games Next Year

Converting Long-Awaited Venture into TV Shows.

Netflix announced recently of launching shows featuring video games. They are planning to release it for a long time, and soon it will form a full-fledged series of the show. They also have hired the famous executive of Oculus and EA to create a production team of video games. They can help to build presentations of new ideas and providing people with ever new material.

The Netflix new game publishing team includes the newly hired executive Mike Verdu, who has joined the developer relations with the Facebook Oculus team. He has published his game since the 1990s and has experience in game development. He opened his first studio Legend Entertainment that gets acquired by GT Interactive. Netflix has not confirmed anything about the launch of the game series. But a Bloomberg report said that ‘The effort of launching video games will lead to offering service next year.’

Netflix has produced many series depending upon video games and has been doing it for the past half-decade. They produced shows like Dota 2, the critically acclaimed show Witcher, whose second season is due to release this year, and Castlevania. Video game shows will be a descriptor key as it will provide a service to differentiate the effort to choose your adventure TV shows.

This year we see that Google is shutting down their Stadia Game Development Studio because they have released no show in the development of two years. Netflix should stick to their point of releasing next year and work on the scaled-back project. But not focus on the project that is in development for many years till now. 

We currently do not know if the same app will support streamed games as their app works on all operating devices to play their shows. Also, we do not even know that video games will have cloud-based latency or not. Netflix is still in the development period that requires a constant online connection to compete with the cloud-based latency.

Yet, all the development all still under development. We cannot say that this new Netflix venture will support or compete with the cloud-based or download-based subscription service.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Maryem 

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