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Tesla Creates the First Sustainable Solar Neighborhood in Southeast Austin, Texas

Elon Musk will now leave his imprint on the Austin housing market.

Tesla is not only constructing a $1.1 billion Gigafactory in Austin to produce trucks and other cars, but it is also developing a solar-powered neighborhood in the area. Tesla has struck a ground-breaking agreement to install solar roofs and Powerwalls on a large scale in an Austin community, being developed by Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra. Located 12 miles east of downtown Austin, the solar neighborhood is called SunHouse. 

Tesla is an American automotive and energy company. Although it is described as a battery firm, it is best known for its electric cars. Solar panels and Lithium-ion battery energy storage are also among its specialties.

Austin’s most ecological home community, the first Tesla Solar neighborhood, will incorporate Tesla solar roof tiles, Powerwall battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations. Tesla claims to implement its state-of-the-art sustainable features in stages to allow for ongoing learning and innovation. The price of the houses starts within $300,000 and upwards, and is being constructed by a variety of housebuilders. The solar community plans to accompany 10,000 homes after completion.

The first phase took off in June, where Tesla V3 solar roof tiles and Powerwall 2 battery storage were installed on residences in the SunHouse neighborhood. Tesla claims that the insights gained from these early installations will help to shape the next phase, which will encompass many more households. The final phase’s goal is to create an energy-neutral community, with houses generating ample energy to meet residents’ daily requirements while also reducing pressure on the state’s ailing electric grid.

According to the announcement, SunHouse citizens will also be equipped with backup storage in the case of a power outage – a more pressing concern in the aftermath of the devastating winter storm in February—and may even be reimbursed for supplying excess electricity to the grid. Brookfield’s renewable energy company will include a community-wide solar program to service extensive public needs and the neighboring communities, Tesla Solar will provide ongoing management of home energy systems. Brookfield Residential said it will feature a variety of technological elements, such as electric vehicle charging stations in every home and around the community.

Tesla has also collaborated with Austin Community College, and it is the first paid training program of its kind. Tesla designed this 14-week curriculum to prepare students for jobs in its manufacturing facilities.

Reporter: Imaaz Nadeem

Written by: Mishaal Muzaffar

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