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Tesla Announced New Self-Driving Beta V9 Software Update

Place Cars in the Self-Driving to Move Towards Hassle-Free World.

Elon Musk announced that the new update for Tesla cars on its way but gets stuck somewhere. Now, last night Tesla has released the full version highly anticipated Self-Driving V9 Beta software update. This new version of Tesla is incredible because it truly depends upon the visual imaginary. It shows no trace of using readings of a Radar system that was the part of Tesla in previous cars.

Elon Musk has said this new update is the milestone in the up-gradation of full Self-Driving cars and a good package of Tesla FSD. However, Tesla has released the Self-Driving version, but they also announced some precautions while driving it:

“Although the Self-Driving system is released Beta, is in limited access. So, when driving on the road, put your hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road. Make movements left or right and use the navigation key when driving on the highways. The new BETA does not have that much access to drive free depending upon it on the road. Be ready when using the Full Self-Driving System to pay attention to the crossways, blind spots, or crossing narrow spaces.”

Elon Musk points out in the release notes the “driving visualizing improvements” now called ‘mind of car’ include a comment on it.

Tesla announced the new version is for the trial of 2000 Tesla car owners in which most of them are their employees. Some of them also have posted videos on social media of their driving this new version.

These new visual driving improvements can appear as massive up-gradation. But, it seems that they are just in the testing phase. Most of the testing is performed at midnight when there is less traffic on the road.

A lot of more tests are on their way to test this new update in the traffic. Tesla is using the machine learning system and neural nets in the FSD to improve it. So, it will be interesting to see new things coming in the future about this new update. However, the new features are also enhanced in model 3 and model Y giving, new visualizations.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Maryem

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