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Human Proteins Structure Released by DeepMind Using Artificial Intelligence

Giving Thousands Structure of Proteins to Defeat Future Diseases.

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DeepMind AI research lab has created the most anticipated innovation of making maps of human proteins by using Artificial Intelligence. DeepMind is the second venture of Alphabet Inc. but got acquired by Google incorporation. Google is sharing data for free with many analysts involved in the project of the Human Genome Map.

The protein in the body helps to deal with many bacteria and diseases. Their complex structure and shape help scientists to understand their mechanism. It brings new inventions in the treatment of diseases and provides many fresh medicines to cure them. In past years, understanding the mechanism of proteins has been difficult to know. But last year, DeepMind announced that the study of these proteins has become easy due to Artificial Intelligence.

The company is also releasing thousands of predictions regarding the learning of the structure of proteins. DeepMind has released approximately 350,000 complex shapes of protein. That constitutes in animals like mice or flies and also contains bacteria like E-coli.

These releases contain 98% results of human proteins in different 20,000 structures.They are collectively named the human proteome. 

DeepMind plans to release 100 million protein structures to let the world know about how life works. These structures help scientists to build new medicines that can help to defeat many diseases. Today scientists are using the study for medical research in Covid 19. “Treating people by using these proteins will take a lot of time. It will not get started in one year. It required a lot of effort to put it in reality,” said the professor of the University of Colorado.

Artificial Intelligence software makes the protein structures but not their experimental models. That means it does not be trusted wholly to verify the original shape of proteins. A protein is folding with hundreds of amino acids having different patterns and structures makes it difficult to read. Scientists have to use expensive methods like X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance to determine their structure.

DeepMind company stated that moving towards the future will provide them with innovation. That helps to deal with big problems and defeat them by using AI.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Zarrish

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