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Steam Deck New Gaming Handheld Announced by Valve

Providing Gamers a New Device for Smooth Running of Games.

Steam Deck is the new hand-held gaming device announced by Valve released on the market in December. However, the reservation for the new device will start from the 16th of July at 1 p.m. ET.

Valve is an American game developer company that has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. They not only develop but also produced and distribute the games devices.

The new device will be available in the market to purchase at $399, $529, and $649 with varying models. The device contains the Zen 2 CPU that has eight threads in it. The AMD RDNA 2 graphics, which come with 16GB RAM of LPDDR5.

The different prices of Steam Deck come in the set of three tiers: $399 having 64GB eMMC storage, $529 having the 256 GB NVMe SSD storage, and the $649 tier having NVME SSD high-speed storage of 512 GB. For extra memory, gamers can also attach the SD card to get more space. The Steam Deck has a unique design containing two thumbsticks that comes with two small trackpads. In front, Steam Deck has a 7-inch, 720p display. The device has four back buttons, two triggers on the shoulders side, and also have microphones. 

Valve said: “The gameplay on it that are in lighter tone like 2D gaming the battery life can expand to 7-8 hours. If the FPS is limited to 30, anyone can play up to 5-6 hours, and for Portal 2 up to four hours.”

The best thing about it is that if you want to pause or stop the game, it has the option that can resume your game by using the built-in Steam OS feature.

The Steam Deck can also get attached to the TV, Monitor, or any old CTR if you have the right cables. The Deck also features USB data, Ethernet, and full-fledged USB-C ports, and also Bluetooth. The features of Deck aimed to emulate the usage of desktop, notifications, library collections, and the favorites to keep all of them synchronized.

Steam Deck will be available for sale in the markets of the United States and Canada. They will be available in other countries in the coming 2022.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Maryem

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