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Apple Removed Fakespot from the App Store on Amazon’s Request

Securing the Personal Data of Customers for Safe Shopping Experience.

Fakespot is the extension attached to the web browser to help to eliminate or point out any fake reviews of products. That extension help many buyers to purchase safe and secure from the E-commerce stores Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Shopify, and Walmart. Amazon sent a request letter to Apple Inc. to take down the Fakespot app from the app store. Apple got notice of it and removed the app from the store.

The Apple incorporation explained the situation by stating that the new updates of Fakespot were “wrapping” without any permission from the databases of Amazon. “Apple immediately removed the app and did not explain their actions,” said the founder of Fakespot Saoud Khalifah. However, Apple has taken action, but another dispute has risen from the circumstances.

The new App of Fakespot helps any buyers directly log in to the Amazon websites and buy and spot the fake reviews to increase the chances of a great buying experience. It just launched a month ago.

Khalifah said that:

“Apple has just sent a three-line email explaining they are going to remove the app, and they regret this situation cannot resolve from any solution.” 

Khalifa stated that Fakespot had given its whole energy and resources to make the app, and Apple could not even resolve the issue.

However, Apple said another thing that the main issue is the intellectual property dispute that happened on June 8, and within hours both parties were in contact with each other. The developer has to make amendments to resolve these issues. Apple said on June 29 that they removed the app two weeks after contacting Fakespot. Amazon claims that Fakespot used the personal data of the customer’s name, address, browser history, and credit card number.

They also said that:

“The app used misleading information to manipulate our customers, providing fake info regarding the sellers and bring security risks to the customers.”

The company also said that 80% of Fakespot reviews are fake and untrustworthy for consumers. Khalifah said that the company would take any legal action necessary to make it viable again because mobile shopping is the future.

Written by: Maryem

Reported by: Maryem

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1 Comment

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