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Nasa Contract Won by Northrop to Provide Living on Moon Orbit

Northrop Grumman aims to build homes for astronauts where they can carry their livelihoods.

As always, NASA is exploring the ambitious era of sustainable human spaceflight. The agency is also working on a Space Launch System Rocket and more spacecraft. Yet another aim NASA has come up with. 

On July 9, it came to notice that Northrop Grumman has won a $935 million NASA contract which he intends to spend on the residence for astronauts. The research will be conducted under the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO), which is a significant factor of NASA’s Artemis Moon Program.  

Commercial and International collaborators of this program and NASA are prevailing to support science investigations and enable surface landings at the moon. All the experiments and theoretical studies will take place under Northrop Grumman. He will be responsible for all studies and testing of quarters with a solar propulsion module.

An international pact has been signed for the moon exploration examinations. In this pact, eight countries brought their names in. China has also come to notice to set up a base in the south pole of the moon. Also, by 2030 China is to site robotic excursions. NASA is reported to launch its spaced rocket, a consolidated spacecraft, in November 2024.

Written By: Yashfa Fatima

Reported by: Yashfa Fatima

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