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Amazon Makes its Own Lumberyard Video Game Engine Freely Accessible

Lumberyard is being renamed to Open 3D Engine.

Lumberyard, Amazon’s engine, offers free access. It is now being renamed. The addition of a new open-source engine in the video game landscape is always one to remember, especially when it comes directly from Amazon. Originally called Lumberyard and based on a CryEngine since largely recoded, it was to be used by Amazon firm for its productions: alas, as everyone knows, everything does not seem to go as planned and after several failures like Crucible or the cancellation of the enormous MMO The Lord of the Rings, the giant of GAFA completely revises its policy.

Thus, Lumberyard is being renamed to Open 3D Engine, or simply O3DE, and offered completely free to anyone who wants it. Being a fully proficient cross-platform 3D engine capable of designing gigantic worlds or AAA games with obvious potential. Licensed under Apache 2.0, the Open 3D Engine can thus be downloaded, modified, configured, or even shared by anyone. It is no surprise, competing directly with Unity and Unreal Engine, the market leaders.

To further prove that this project has a chance to be a breakthrough, it is directly the initiative of the Linux Foundation that will oversee it. The project is supported by around twenty large companies such as Adobe, Huawei, Intel, Niantic, Red Hat, and Amazon.

Denis Dyack, the head of Apocalypse Studios stated that thousands of people can contribute to this engine to improve it over time, and can use it in a completely open and freeway. This is a turning point in the industry because nothing like this has ever happened before.

To popularize Lumberyard to as many people as possible, Amazon Web Services CTO Eric Morales also admits to Venturebeat that he has worked hard to make the Open 3D Engine certain transparency, with a simplified and easy-to-understand interface for developers. According to him, the rendering is spectacular and is part of a lengthy reworking of the code, worked out closely with many firms in the sector.

This could well shake the landscape of the Tenth Art over time: you just have to wait wisely to see the first community results. Moreover, a very first professional example is Deadhaus Sonata, an RPG developed by Apocalypse Studios, and will rely entirely on the Open 3D Engine.

Written by: Imaaz Nadeem

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