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Is TikTok secretly changing people’s face shape?

Creator Tori expressed her displeasure with the apparent filtering

Users observed that TikTok may have applied a beauty filter to their videos without providing them the opportunity to remove it, causing a lot of people to be dissatisfied.

TikTok lately appeared to have added a beauty filter of some kind to some users’ videos without allowing them to turn it off. One of the platform’s most well-known features is its filters. Although many of its millions of users like experimenting with filters, the undesired alteration of their faces in this way was not well received.

Officially launched in 2016, TikTok is a worldwide known app, with a massive following of 800 million monthly users, and its numerous features continue to drive more downloads and content.

The ‘Deja Vu Challenge,’ for example, brought TikTok’s Inverted filter to popularity in April of this year. Users used the filter to produce content that imitated Olivia Rodrigo’s new song, Deja Vu, by flipping their faces back and forth. While most people use these filters for enjoyment and to make themselves look more attractive, these filters can also be disliked by many. Users discovered that, in the Deja Vu challenge, their faces were less symmetrical, which was clearly offensive.

Content creator and wedding photographer, Tori Dawn (@toridawn817), took to TikTok in late May to record a video on it. Upon opening the app, Dawn noticed that a filter had been automatically applied to her face, making her jaw was more feminine and slimmer. Dawn first showed her face with what she thought was the filter applied, then partially hid her face with her hand to indicate the filter being turned off, as her jaw went back to normal.

Dawn generally does not use filters in her live streams and videos to her 320,000 fans, but, according to MIT Technology Review, Tori expressed her displeasure with the apparent filtering, adding that she felt uneasy shooting videos now that her looks had changed, stating that ‘This is one of the only things that I like about my face.’ Dawn was not alone in her complaints, as many other users saw that their looks had altered automatically and expressed their dissatisfaction. However, no matter how they fiddled with the app’s settings, they couldn’t get the effect to go away: it seemed to be set in stone.

The problem was eventually supposed to be resolved, and TikTok admitted that there was a problem, but no further information was said to have been supplied. Despite the fact that TikTok has not provided an explanation for why this happened, it is most likely the consequence of a glitch, as the filter appears to solely affect Android users.

As the matter has already been rectified, it is sad that it occurred at this time, considering the current focus on the possible negative impacts of social media on mental health. Many social media users are anxious and insecure about their appearance because they feel they don’t live up to beauty standards.

Reporter: Ehtisham

Writer: Mishaal Muzaffar

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