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Six new features of Android announced by Google

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This week, Google announces that they are launching new features for Pixel’s latest mobile. But, suddenly they come with another announcement of launching six new features for all android mobiles. Google never makes significant launches back to back. But this time, it happens and is launches in both pixels and android mobiles.

Google is a multinational company of internet-related products and services. They provide cloud computing software, online advertising technology, hardware, and a search engine.

First, they launch an earthquake alerting system for all around the world. To give notification of an earthquake that is going to happen.

“They are launching it first on the high-risk countries facing earthquake including Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. After that, incoming year launch it in other countries too”.

The second feature they are going to launch is an addition to the messages app. Now, anyone can start the message with just one click like, what happens in WhatsApp. They said:

“That feature will come to the androids in coming weeks.”

The most exciting feature they are launching is the Contextual Emoji suggestion. They pop up when you write a message, and the same emoji that fit with the message will recommend on Gboard. That is firstly coming for messages written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The fourth feature of Google is that “google assistant will create shortcuts to enter anywhere in the apps.” You have to say: hey, Google. New bag collection. All the recent designs will come on your feed.

The next feature is Voice Access will have detection in beta. That helps to ask the system to only work when you are looking on the screen. That is helpful to give you access to any app or mobile navigation by using your voice. Voice Access also gives you the power to enhance your password. By using your voice too with the numbers and letters.

The last feature Google announces is they also make the Android Auto experience customizable. You can change your launcher screen from your mobile and anywhere may set it to dark mode. That helps to personalize more your content searching.

Written by:    Maryem

Reported by:  Zarrish

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