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Brave Launches its More Privacy-Friendly Search Engine

In March, the company acquired Cliqz, a European search engine focusing on privacy

Brave has announced that its search engine will be available in beta months after purchasing the tailcoat search engine. Claimed as a reliable alternative to Google, Brave Search integrates directly into Brave web browsers on Windows, macOS, Intel, M1, Android, iOS, and users of other web browsers can also visit.

CEO of Brave explains that he started from scratch by creating a completely independent index to create a search engine. Brave independently responds to common queries privately without relying on any other party, as it has its search index. Even though the browser is still in beta, the results it provides are still far from reaching the standards of the competitors, so there is no doubt about it. The CEO of Brave explains that, unlike some search engines which are just an overlay of other engines (DuckDuckGo uses the Bing index, for example), Brave Search uses algorithms created from scratch and improved thanks to the community. In March, the company acquired Cliqz, a European search engine focusing on privacy. This has since been unplugged, but its code laid the foundation for Brave Search.

Brave uses search engines to make the same promises as web browsers. Users, searches, and clicks are not tracked. On this site, Brave indicates that Brave Search does not track users and therefore does not create a profile. The publishers also claim that the search engines are based on their index and do not use other services, so they are fully independent. Brave Search is also designed by the user community to guarantee a certain variety of results and prevent algorithmic censorship and hijacking, without using a particular algorithm to prioritize some results over others. It immediately depends on the open ranking model.

If your search engine relies on its index for traditional queries, image search will use Microsoft Bing. Additionally, if Brave Search does not show ads during beta testing, search engines have two offers. One is paid and ad-free, and the other is a free advertising medium. However, there is still room for improvement as its search results tend to large sites about a story and not the one that has broken it into several parts. With 32 million monthly active users, web browsers that rely on user privacy can quickly win over new users through search engine integration, which is advertised as the most privacy-friendly.

Writer: Imaaz Nadeem

Reporter: Imaaz Nadeem

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