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Apple Plans to Launch Health Care Services

WSJ also claims that Apple has been testing a new app called HealthHabit for about six months

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple had envisioned to take over the clinics that catered for its employees and build a team with dozens of clinicians, engineers, product designers, and others. The idea of ​​starting its healthcare clinics came after Apple COO Jeff Williams asked teams to explore ways the company could bring innovation to the health sector. According to the report, Apple planned to use Apple Watch and other health data collected by Apple devices and use it with virtual and in-person care provided by Apple doctors. The company aimed to provide continuous health monitoring as well as primary care.

Apple plan offers its primary care medical service with doctors employed by Apple at its clinics. To test this and other bold healthcare ideas, he took over clinics that looked after his employees and put together a team with dozens of clinicians, engineers, product designers, and more.

The project was abandoned because it did not go beyond the preliminary stage. Tech giant Apple hired Dr. Sumbal Desai and his team from Stanford University to lead the project. Some Apple employees criticized how Dr. Desai’s unit discouraged critical comments, including claims that the unit provided spurious data on clinical test results.

WSJ also claims that Apple has been testing a new app called HealthHabit for about six months, but has struggled with low employee engagement rates. The app was to connect people with clinicians via chat and encourage them to challenge themselves in health. However, an Apple spokesperson stated that Dr. Desai’s work has been a fundamental part of its healthcare endeavors. All the allegations against her were based on incomplete and outdated information, and allegations could not be substantiated after a thorough investigation.

During a presentation to all Apple healthcare workers in March, Williams praised the clinics’ results in treating hypertension and cited them as proof of the HealthHabit app’s potential. He suggested the company might have broader ambitions for the app if it is successful, they said.

The idea of ​​Apple launching its healthcare service does not seem viable at the moment. It appears the company is working to strengthen its healthcare infrastructure by adding more beneficial healthcare features to Apple Watch and the iPhone. The Apple Watch line already has some helpful sensors that can measure blood oxygen levels and offer EKG readings. For Apple Watch Series 7, the tech giant is working on including a temperature sensor and a blood glucose sensor to the wearable platform. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that health will be one of Apple’s most exceptional contributions to humanity, and despite impedances, the healthcare services continue at the company.

Writer: Imaaz Nadeem

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