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A 3D Pakistan: by NXT, Netsol Technologies

Another ray of hope for Pakistanis, as the country’s largest software company, NETSOL Technologies, has developed a 3D version of Pakistan. And, with the support of WRLD, it’s geospatially precise.

NXT is a Covid smart app that aims to deliver work to numerous firms so that they can return to their workplaces effortlessly. Developed by Netsol, this app also allows managers to manage their employees on a worldwide scale. 3D Pakistan is created using the same layout as the ‘Digital Twin.’ It is possible to make the entire country ‘smart’ by integrating IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The importance of digital twins in promoting digital transformation cannot be overstated. By offering geospatially accurate views of cities and a machine-readable layer that communicates with IoT sensors, these Digital Twins can provide real-time actionable data and experience upgrades for several stakeholders. These certain smart city interactions have the potential to expose numerous IoT datasets such as waste removal methods and power management, allowing important departments to ultimately regulate and optimize their operations.

Also, software developers and individual firms can adopt this forum to produce meaningful and dependable services for tier companies or their own individual businesses. One such industry that will benefit immensely from this effort is the tourism industry, as the NETSOL team has designed and constructed many of Pakistan’s most well-known tourism sites.

NETSOL Technologies, Inc. is an American software company owned by Najeeb Ullah Ghauri, a Pakistani-born US national. The company provides IT and enterprise software solutions, with a focus on the global leasing and finance market. Its range of applications is anchored by 40 years of domain knowledge. The company is supported by a dedicated staff of over 1300 employees working in eight conveniently situated support and delivery centers across the world.

Najeeb Ullah Ghauri

WRLD3D is a company situated in England and Wales that offers users access to all of the services and products they need to create interactive, location-aware web, mobile, and virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) experiences. Users may create stunning, dynamic, and compelling apps using custom-built map design resources and cross-platform software development kits (SDKs).

As Netsol has been permitted by WRLD3D to quickly create an engaging experience for the Pakistanis, let’s expect that this three-dimensional depiction of our country will welcome the latest trend of technological advancement in Pakistan, one that will touch the country’s roots and bring about a monumental change to the country’s most significant areas.

Written by: Mishaal Muzaffar    

Reported by: Zarrish

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