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Twitter Launches Their New Subscription Service

Twitter Blue, a New Experience for Twitter Users with Exclusive Features for Paying Customers

June 3rd marks the day Twitter finally launched its subscription service named Twitter Blue. This subscription service will allow paying users access to enhanced features of Twitter that have been in high demand for quite some time now. The star attraction of the service is the ‘Undo Tweet’ option, which is Twitter’s take on the much-requested editing features for tweets that have already been posted.

This service is a paid-for service with many quirks and benefits, but this update to their platform will not take anything away from the current free experience. Everyone can continue accessing the Twitter that they know and love without the fear of changes, there is just a newer, updated version for paying customers.

The goal of this service isn’t only to monetize off of premium features but to ‘gain a deeper understanding of what users are interested in seeing within the platform. The access at the moment is limited to Canada and Australia to test the waters of this new development. Canada has a rate of $3.49 a month, while Australia has a rate of $4.49 a month. (in their respective currencies.)

Feedback, during this two-country trial period, is highly recommended and anticipated as this is all quite new. There’s no reference of experience to other social media app giants creating exclusively premium subscriptions such as this.

The new features to look forward to are as follows;

  • Twitter has made a bookmark folder for all of your bookmarked tweets. This allows you to organize everything you have saved into a more orderly fashion. The separate folders you make will all be color-coded so it’s easier to navigate through them.
  • Another feature for greater convenience is the reader-mode, which turns lengthy threads into easier-to-read long text posts. These text posts are also simpler to navigate than following through with threads. Subscribed members will have the option to read the easier text or proceed with the standard thread layout.
  • There are also fun-colored themes for Twitter now, with customizable app designs for the home screen.
  • Finally, there is the ‘Undo Tweet’ option many have been long anticipating. This feature allows you to set a timer of a maximum of 30 seconds. within this window, after you have posted something you have the option to retract it and fix or delete it completely. To avoid malicious usage, this undo option is not available permanently, only for the 30-second window.

Larger users of Twitter, such as politicians, entrepreneurs, social and media celebrities will all want to get the safety of an undo option, since this can save them from ridiculous typos and questionable tweets.

What this means for the regular users is that some people will have a little more freedom on the app, but otherwise Twitter stays the same as it has always been, space for everyone to use together and share.

Written By: Leah Latif

 Reported By: Zarrish

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Twitter Launches Their New Subscription Service | Evolution Magazine
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