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Microsoft is Just About Ready to Launch Windows 11

A New Windows Version is Coming

A teaser for a massive Windows update has been in the air for quite some time, with significant members of the company mentioning it ever so often. Early in the beginning of this year, Panos Panay made a teaser statement saying the ‘next generation’ of Windows is coming.

A new event for Windows was announced to take place on June 24th, at 11 AM ET. This is not the usual timing that they select for previous events for Windows or Surface events. They have promised to display the new plans for Windows within this event. An interesting feature of this announcement is the animation that was coupled in the Tweet. In this animation, the sunlight shines through the windows logo, making two vertical bars that resemble an 11, a purposefully excluded the horizontal bars of the Windows logo to do so.

So, rather than hyping the world for a new renovation of Windows 10, they are potentially hyping everyone for the release of Windows 11. This is a peculiar proclamation since Windows 10 has been called ‘the last version of Windows,’ relying only on updates for future modifications.

Shortly after the release of this event invitation, Nadella said that Microsoft would shortly be sharing ‘one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade.’ Yusuf Mehdi has the excitement hasn’t been this high for a new Windows version since Windows 95. This was the first confirmation for many to not only expect a new update, but an entirely new version of windows.

So, what is there to expect from Windows 11? For starters, it won’t look the same. The visual makeover will resemble that of Window’s lightweight attempt to challenge the Chrome OS which had been cancelled. Sun Valley is the codename of Window’s ‘sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows.’

There will a new start menu, with new app designs, updates, and icons, more rounded appearances to the user interface, and file explorer improvements. They will also deal with significant bugs that have been commonplace in Windows 10. Bluetooth and audio support features will be improved, there will be an Xbox Auto HDR feature, and the bug of apps rearranging themselves will be fixed.

Another big improvement many will look forward to is a complete revamp of the Microsoft App Store. Nadella says that it will ‘unlock greater economic opportunity for developer and creators.’ Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox can submit applications to be present in Windows store along with other interested developers. Microsoft is even considering third-party platforms from which they won’t deduct personal cuts of profit from. This means anyone who makes their in-app purchase systems separate from Microsoft don’t have to share anything with Microsoft. Microsoft has announced that any PC games in the Windows store will have a required 12% cut commission. Now, the future of Windows 10 and perhaps the introduction of Windows 11 are all sitting waiting to satisfy their audience on June 24th, when the Windows event finally takes place. What this OS has to offer and changes that are to be expected will all be revealed within the month.

Reported By: Ehtisham

Written By: Leah Latif

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