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New Countries Can Enjoy the Latest WatchOS 7.5 Version

Apple has Released the Newest WatchOS 7.5 Edition with New Features

Ever since the release of the apple watchOS 7 software in September 2020, Apple has been issuing updates after the update for their apple watch. The latest version that has been released is the watchOS 7.5, coming one month after the watchOS 7.4. the 7.4 was the version to introduce iPhone unlocking along with a handful of other features.

This one month before release was filled with beta tests of the new version until it was finally released with numerous features to look forward to. Now, people are excited to use this fifth major update to Apple’s most recent operating system.

Like all updates, it came with fixes to reported bugs, software, and program improvements, as well new layout and more convenient user interfaces.

There are also unique features to look out for with this update. Firstly, these features are officially available for use in Malaysia and Peru, a stirring development for Apple watch users in these countries.

The following are some features to look forward to in the watchOS 7.5 update.

  • Through your apple watch, you can now get access to all of the subscription content on the podcast app, to listen wistfully while you work, run, walk, or drive along.
  • The Apple Card can now be shared in a family group. That means your family members (children have to be over 13 years old) can all share one primary card. An Apple Card can help members keep track of their expenses, manage their spending and the spending of other family members, and build upon their credit collectively.
  • On all Apple watch series 4 models, you can now have an ECG (electrocardiogram) app which will keep track of your heart rate. If there are any irregularities then your Apple Watch will send you a notification to alert you.

You have to manually update the Apple watch, and there are two ways to do so. The first is directly through the watch. Go to Settings on your watch, enter general settings, and search for the software update or status option. This should allow you to update the software to the latest edition.

The second way to go about it is through your connected iPhone. You can get a watch companion app on your phone and update it there. Do make sure that you’re updating the watch’s software to the 7.5 latest version.

For the software update to properly take place, your Apple Watch must be charged at least 50%, it must be placed on your charger and there has to be a connected iPhone nearby.

The 7.5 updates will also include and support the pride faces which have been designed to complement the 2021 pride band released by Apple.

Apple’s watches are quickly being updated into more efficient, convenient, and helpful renditions of previous versions. Now that there are more countries that can enjoy the comfort of Apple watches, there is no doubt that more is surely going to come for anxious Apple fans.

Written By: Leah Latif

 Reported By: Zarrish

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