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Entrepreneur mom: 10 ideas for women wishing to be an entrepreneur

1) Maternity advice

We have thought about this area because we know that you, as a mother, have lived and still have daily experience with your child (ren) and, as a result, have already discovered what can work and which is not suitable for certain situations. You can use all of your knowledge, by giving tips to pregnant women and for the postpartum period, as well as for the first days of the newborn. This can help other women understand the challenges, and the moments of joy they will have during this new stage in their lives.

2) Writing and proofreading of texts

This area may seem exclusively suited to people with editorial experience. If you have experience with writing texts, it will be even easier to undertake in this field. But in case you don’t have any prior knowledge, various online courses can help you grasp the structure of a text. What is interesting in this area is the possibility of being a mother entrepreneur without leaving home. You can blog and write on a variety of topics or submit your texts to other blogs that need content. 

3) Videomaker or photographer

When motherhood arrives, mothers become professional photographers and video makers at the same time. Have you ever realized the sheer volume of photos taken and how many videos they make about everything their children do?

 The only possible obstacle in this area is the overwhelming need to invest in a professional camera and lenses. If you don’t have them available at home, after making money from these projects, you will be able to buy your equipment.

4) Children’s health

Most mothers have significant concerns about the health of their children, including diet and diseases. Much can be done in this field, for example, create a healthy food home delivery service to help mothers who don’t have time to prepare meals every day or organize a soccer team for the kids to get physical activity.

5) Beauty and aesthetics

If you know how to do your makeup or hair, master manicure, or skincare, you can be an entrepreneur mom in this field. It is possible to create a beauty studio even in an unused room in your home.  If you want to create a workshop, it is also possible to provide home service to customers.

6) Individual lessons

Many mothers, especially those who work away from home, do not have time to support their children’s studies and school tasks. You can then help them and also earn money. You can also provide tutoring services.

7) Digital content producer

A popular option is a Digital Content Producer, a person who produces online training on any subject that is well-mastered. A small example:

Suppose you are an excellent piano teacher, but you cannot have the desired number of students due to lack of time, you can create an online video course to teach from the first steps to the most advanced techniques to those who want to learn to play this instrument.

8) Affiliate

Affiliates are people who operate in the promotion and sale of products or services in place of others. You can sign up to affiliate programs and seek to promote a product with which you identify yourself or that you think can be sold well. So even if you have no idea how to create an online course, there is the option of working on the Internet.

9) Small repairs

We all have a favorite item of clothing that we wear so frequently that it needs a little repair, or we need to adjust pants or a skirt. If you also have these kinds of daily problems, you know how good it is to have a neighbor seamstress for those repairs.

 It is a type of service that can be set up at home. All you need is a small room to place your sewing machine and perform the services.

 10) Crafts

Our final tip is for those who have a natural talent for the arts, painting, embroidery, knitting, or some other type of craft. Start by producing items and then look for stores to sell them, or even open your store. You can also have a virtual store where you display photos of your products for sale and carry out commercial transactions via the Internet. 

Reporter: Zarrish

Writer: Imaaz Nadeem

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