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Toyota built an internal combustion engine that sips hydrogen

The revolutionaries must hear this one!

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, is developing a cutting-edge hydrogen engine. The hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai comes to mind when the terms Toyota and Hydrogen are spoken together. Mirai is known for converting hydrogen fuel into electricity. Toyota came up with a unique solution this time.

“Even though we were working with environmental technologies, we designed a prototype at the end of last year that offered the ‘car sensation’ that car lovers enjoy, such as by sound and vibration,” said Koji Sato, Chief Branding Officer and President of Gazoo Racing Company.

The Toyota Corolla Hatchback has a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine. It also has the legendary Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch’s all-wheel-drive setup. You wouldn’t believe hydrogen is involved based on the exhilarating exhaust smell, but it is. Not only does it sound great, but the exhaust bark is identical to that of a calibrated gasoline-powered engine.

Toyota says the petrol is made entirely of hydrogen and contains no oil. Toyota’s revolutionary hydrogen engine releases almost no CO2 because it consumes hydrogen and oxygen from the air rather than fossil fuels. However, the vehicle contains a certain amount of noxious gases because it burns hydrogen and oxygen from the air. It’s not a zero-emissions vehicle like an all-electric vehicle (EV) or a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV), but it emits far less radioactive compounds than a straight gasoline engine.

  Toyota will compete in the 2021 Super Taikyu 24 Hour Endurance Series. The team led by racing driver Hiroaki Ishiura was given some track time to bring the car through its paces because Toyota’s racing car is the only one with a hydrogen-burning internal combustion engine.

We’re cheering for Toyota in this one, win or lose. It’s beyond time for a cleaner-burning gas engine to join the fray, with more of the sound and vibration of a traditional car without burning a single drop of fossil fuel. Toyota, let’s go!

Reported by; Zarrish

Written by; Shermeen rehman



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