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A Warning to iPhone users: Share Personal Data or Face the Consequences

Facebook and Instagram’s New Development

Apple’s recent software update, IOS 14.5 brought about a key feature known as App Tracking Transparency(ATT). This new feature requires apps to notify the users about the data they collect, thus allowing users to enable or disable it. As more users opt-out of this option, ad personalization and performance reporting will become limited for both app and web conversion events. The social media giant; Facebook has been against this move since the very beginning for obvious reasons.

This new change has forced Facebook to a point where it’s asking users to disable this option if they want to continue using their apps free of charge. A tweet by Ashkan Soltani highlights Facebook’s new measures;

‘And it begins. Facebook/Instagram explore additional scare tactics to combat Apple IOS 14 #ATT privacy changes.

“Help keep Facebook free of charge” ‘

Facebook refers to these notices as ‘educational screens’ and provides information regarding the use of this data for ad personalization. However, the catch here is the “Help keep Facebook free of charge”. This statement insinuates the fact that Facebook might begin charging its users if this situation prevails and data is not shared. It may not sound surprising as Facebook has disapproved Apple’s IOS 14 update ever since it was released, primarily because the data shared helps small businesses reach their desired target customers through personalized ads. 

According to Facebook, Apple is trying to depend more on subscriptions than advertising to get a cut out of everything. Facebook states that this update will have less impact on their own advertising business, and they’re committed to helping other advertisers and publishers through these updates.

Written by Imaaz Nadeem

Reported by Ehtisham

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