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Facebook Plans to Launch Their Line of Audio Chat Rooms

Facebooks Enters the World of Audio Entertainment with Their Own Live Audio Rooms

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (8617683g) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at his company's annual F8 developer conference, in San Jose, Calif Facebook Event, San Jose, USA - 18 Apr 2017

Facebook, one of the leading social networking sites, is now entering the audio entertainment world with its own innovative audio chat rooms. It was announced that on Monday the company planned to launch their audio services.

Facebook aims to create a service similar to the recent success of Clubhouse. Clubhouse, which is visited often by large-name celebrities and billionaires including Elon Musk himself, is a platform to host live audio rooms. Though Clubhouse was a huge success in February, with 9.6 million installs, it has encountered a decline of 70% in downloads with only 2.4 million installs in March.

The clubhouse is only available on Apple’s iOS, and therefore leaves plenty of room for competitors to grow in the Android industry. Twitter is releasing their live audio feature know as Spaces, Discord is revealing the latest updates, and Reddit has unveiled their sneak-peak of Reddit Talks to moderators following Monday. Though it may not reign forever, Clubhouse has certainly proved one vital piece of information; there is plenty of room to grow in the audio chat service industry.

In an interview over Discord with Platformer editor Casey Newton, Zuckerberg stated that they would ‘treat audio as a first-class medium in the way that we would photos and video.’

Facebook also declared in a blog post that testing of their live audio rooms would begin around the summer. The product they are hoping to launch is called is ‘Soundbites’, which supports short-form audio clips. They will also include ways to improve the background sound effects and better the general audio quality. Facebook will, however, have to incur the challenges of moderating life, recorded audio content, keeping it acceptable and under control to demonstrate their capability of hosting such a service.

The new audio rooms will be a part of their Messenger application as well as the main app. This will allow users to chat with friends and join other rooms. They will test out the rooms through public figures and Groups. Supporters of creators can send donations through Facebook’s ‘Stars’ mechanic. Along with Stars, there will also be other means of monetization for creators such as exclusive access to single-purchases and subscription services.  

Facebook is also collaborating with Spotify on ‘Project Boombox’ which will allow users of the app to listen, stream, and share music directly through the platform.

Facebook’s entry into the audio entertainment industry is a spectacle that will be watched extremely closely. Being a practical monopoly in the social networking industry, it’s about time they take to the appeal many people have desired throughout 2020’s pandemic, now clearly here to stay in 2021. The launch of Soundbites will be anticipated by users and creators alike.

Written By: Leah Latif

 Reported By: Zarrish

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