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As we all are aware of the facts that cars play a huge role in our lives in comparison to other automotive vehicles, after introduced in Pakistan cars have been out of many ranges but through a lot of evolvement now an average being can afford cars for a decent lifestyle.

Being a need for every household and a worker cars have been a very greater source of income for creating an average wage, moving on to electric cars! As they were and are onboard to be introduced in Pakistan and very likely to be an average and moderately successful as most of the people in majority still have their doubts over electric cars. The ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Industry and Production are now quite active and proposing endeavors to promote Electric Vehicles in Pakistan moreover the Government happens to be in an aggressive mood to introduce environmentally friendly modes of traveling in Pakistan. On a recent enactment, an EV policy for two and three-wheeled vehicles have been onboard offering several incentives to the buyers and the ones who own such EVs, so nearly in the 2021 calendar, a policy for a four-wheeled vehicle has been a part of the Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan (AIDEP) 2021-26.

Coming to the first reason or doubt, wheels are gradually turning towards the evolvement and improvisation of EVs in Pakistan! However, the lack of awareness seems to be one of the reasons but not a main as we must say in this modern age the information and reviews are easily available and reliable on the sources in the media along with that people do not know the most pertinent points of discussions, in the world today a general non-elite and average group does not believe in the modernization of vehicles as the lack in information and personal, economic and environmental benefits of EV. Non-exposure to the outer sources and zero investment by the government and the automakers make a due and therefore general public doubts the pros as well, once people develop an interest in reading and exploring they might gravitate towards shifting with EVs from fossil fuel cars. Infrastructure plays a secondary important role as it is very important that if developments are made here has to be a sustainable source of a suitable environment, as we all know the country has been suffering economically it is very difficult to introduce new plans and create a greater infrastructure, there has to be a reliable charging network across the city or country to travel which is now only located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad being the metropolitan cities, the supply rate for oil keeps on increasing which falls on the taxes, to this the concern over power shortfall purposes as we are very much aware that in our country the power supply keeps on fluctuating and these factors hinder in the growth along with that the struggles of providing sufficient help for commercial and domestic use.

Power deficit of 3000MW created by the capacity of supply approximates the surveys in Pakistan being on a low demand because of installation of power generation which is more than the capacity being utilized by the power sector, the government oughts to capitalize the existing power generation capacity to accommodate various sectors such as EV charging infrastructure in Pakistan. The requirement of long charging acquires a long period to run and work as these electric vehicles would not run by the fuel or fossil they require electric charging modules and areas where the slots are available as compared to cars in time working from fossil fuels work on the spot but are not a healthy impact on the environment and charging vehicles is easy if there is no fuel then they can be charged and working but these ideas in this time would be simply impractical, the maintenance and ownership go beyond scheduling which is hard enough to deal with as people do not want to be in charge and dedicated towards EV mechanics as they are not trained to this crop and in the hands of untrained mechanics the car control unit would be in troubled or hampered and this would cause damage instead of profits costing a fortune to the owner. Last but not least the extravagant prices are unlikely to afford and out of the price ranges and only a few can afford them, calling out the ones who o big businesses can only afford these after running several businesses these vehicles or kind of developments are not a cup of tea for every citizen of the country. In conclusion, these doubts are very much reasonable for the new EVs because they are coming from whom the country runs and they contribute to the economy so first, it is important to have exposure and training a wide pocket range to afford these, so maybe it’s not a great time to introduce these vehicles as we should focus on developing the country and the insufficient incomplete developments and profit the economy.

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