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Amazon is officially about to enter in Pakistan

After Amazon Data Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd has registered a local agency to promote cloud adoption in Pakistan, the Amazon Web Services Team (AWS) is being formed in Pakistan.

Two weeks after a global breakdown in the technology company has affected large sections of the US and Pakistan as a whole.

According to the SECP database, Paul Andrew Macpherson is the chief executive officer of Pakistan while Shoaib Munir, along with Macpherson, is a chief executive officer.

Amazon’s spokesperson, who spoke anonymously, said that the technology leader is currently looking for a public policy specialist for Pakistan to help drive the adoption of AWS’s cloud solution. The job is to remove cloud-building regulatory and political blockers.

In June, Bytedance employed Hassan Arshad as head of state policy to work with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), to stop the ban on the TikTok app. This was a popular approach among technology companies when they entered the small markets.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has guided banks to make use of Cloud Computing Technology, on the condition that systems and service providers alongside all physical servers and facilities are located in Pakistan, about AWS. AWS can set up its data center and cloud server in the country under this law.

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunications is formulating the first cloud policy of Pakistan according to Pakistan’s e-commerce policy structure, while the DPA is in an advanctional stage of consultations. The Data Protection Act is currently in progress. The latter draught discusses problems relating to data security in e-commerce and also concerns Amazon.

In developing and revising digital economy policies like the first cloud policies, Data Privacy regulations, outsourcing directives, cyber safety policies, fiscal policies, and overhead regulations, AWS hopes to collaborate with relevant government departments in Pakistan. They will also establish pro-active ties with key leaders, influencers, and policymakers.

It is important to note that Abdul Razak Dawood, PM Trade and Investment Advisor, said recently that Pakistan is registered with the American Amazon giant in some of the goods sellers, including 38 exporters of chirurgical, sports, and home textiles products. He said this list would soon be extended to include other producers. Previously it was confirmed that Pakistan will be in approved countries of Amazon by end of April 2021 but it has been delayed few more days and hoping this is now happening certainly this month!

Reported by: Ehtisham

Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

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