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From a high school dropout to a waiter, to an accountant.

The inspirational story of Ansar Ali

Ansar Ali, who had to leave school in grade 9 due to the death of his father, proved that with enough passion, conviction, and help from people around you, one can still pursue one dream. 8 years ago, Ansar, from Punjab’s Nankana Sahib, was just a waiter at Zakir Tikka in LUMS. While working on campus, he was featured in a series called Humans of LUMS, which was an initiative of the university’s photographic society. In the feature, he revealed his aspirations and his wish to continue his education.  

“I loved attending school as a kid. I remember being one of the brightest students in my class,” he recalled. Despite being a victim of circumstance, Ansar always had a smile on his face and was one of the most liked waiters on campus. “I always knew that even though I might have the odds stacked against me but I was still surrounded by students who I could interact with and learn from”, he said of his time at LUMS.  

Although he thought it was too late now and because his family still needed support, getting back to education was an impossibility. At that time, his story garnered a lot of attention and support.

The students also made sure they collect as much more money as Ansar did as a waiter to support his family and even went as far as to visit his mother and convince her to let him study. Covering both things cost around 3 lakh rupees per month, and would accumulate to over 2 million rupees by the time his degree was finished. To overcome this financial obstacle, a GoFundMe account for Ansar was set up, along with donation boxes all around the campus to raise funds.  

Ansar proved himself and secured an A grade in his board examinations, and enrolled at Islamabad’s SZABIST on a partial scholarship to pursue a BS in Accounting and Finance. Ansar will be graduating in 2 months.  

This is a story of sheer kindness, focus, and humanity getting together to change a life, making it possible and inspiring others to do the same

Written by: Simel Masood

Reported by: Zarrish

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