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Parler set to return to Apple’s App Store

Apple is to enable Parler, a common forum of far-right supporters, to return to its App Store, the controversial social media app. On 6 January, the app was pulled after the fatal US Capitol riots. Apple said Parler had updated its app and content moderation policies in a letter to two Republican legislators on Monday, which leads it to be restored.

When Parler comes back to the App Store is still unclear. Rightist conservators and former President Donald Trump backers favor the forum in the US. In the design, the application itself is very much like Twitter, but it is a “free speech” choice.

The Reuters letter indicated that the application had suggested changes to its application and content restraint policy, following substantial discussions with Parler, which would result in its reintroduction.

Major technology platforms linked Parler to the assault on the Capitol of five people by the former Republican President Donald Trump’s supporters. They accused the app, sponsored by influential donor Rebekah Mercer from the Republican Party, of not providing a policing service of violent content.

Apple’s head of government affairs, Timothy Powderly, wrote Parler in his statement, “incitement of violence to degrade different ethnic groups, races, and religions” that he had violated its directives. He said that the app posts “glorified Nazism.”

However, Mr. Powderly says Parler has worked to comply with its rules after Apple decided to ban Parler from its App Store. The first letter published by CNN was sent to Senator Mike Lee and Representative Ken Buck, two Republican lawmakers. What Parler agreed to or how the platform is to be moderated in the future is not yet clear.

The improvements Parler has made to this application or it was not clear which ones Parler has designed itself as a free speech room for those who are looking for alternatives to important sites such as Facebook Inc. (FB.O) and Twitter (TWTR.N).

A month after Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN.O) discontinued the web hosting service; Parler said that the app had struggled to moderate violent content effectively. Google removed Google from the app stores through Apple and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O).

Both the Apple App Stores and Google Apple prohibited Parler following the collapse of far-right and far-right groups into the US Capitol Building in Washington DC this year. For similar reasons, Amazon also pulled its service on web hosting after the uprisings. The platform was successful in February but was not downloaded as an app.

The statement was refused by Apple. A request for comment was not immediately answered by Parler. The letter was first sent to the Republican lawmaker’s Senator Mike Lee and Ken Buck, who wrote to the major technology CEOs last month to challenge their behavior over Parler. The letter was first replied to by CNN.

Apple reported, because of problematic user-generated content, that it rejected some 30,000 Apps from the App Store in 2020. The decision by Big Tech to sever ties with Parler was previously stated “by those who want to silence tens of millions of Americans” by Parler Chief Executive Mark Meckler.

Reported by: Ehtisham

Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

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