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Apple sued for lying about waterproofing iPhones

Italy’s regulatory body of competition has blamed Apple for making misleading statements

In 2021, flagship smartphones have common water resistance and IP rating. Apple has also hidden vital details from its customers as it boasts of waterproofing the devices, as well as the latest generation of iPhones.

Italy’s regulatory body of competition has blamed Apple for making misleading statements about how waterproof its iPhones are with a fine of EUR 10 million ($12 million).

Firstly, the company reported various iPhone models in promotional materials — from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 — had water resistance up to 30 minutes (depending on the model) in depths from 1 to 4 meters (3 to 13 feet).

This is not just valid in real-world situations, in which customers may drop their phones into the water, according to the AGCM in checked laboratory conditions with absolutely quiet and pure water.

On Monday the Autorità Garante Della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) declared that it had good, stating that Apple had misled the public in two respects.

This was not valid in real-works scenarios in which customers could drop their phones in water, according to the AGCM, in regulated laboratory conditions, with totally calm and pure water.

Cupertino is being sued for misleading its customers according to AppleInsider’s latest article. And if the firm claims to take you with you to the pools or the beach, no losses from liquid insertion in the telephone shall be covered by the warranty. This is very surprising because Apple itself recommends that users wash iPhone areas that have contact with various liquids such as coffee and juice.

Apple has overestimated its iPhones’ water resistance ability, stating the IP ranking is ‘insufficiently eligible by fine print disclosures.’ Claimant Antoinette Smith lodged a class action complaint before a U.S. District Court for the South District of New York.

She says that, if this indicator comes into contact with water, all iPhones have an inside indicator that turns red. The staff of Apple can quickly identify it when the owner receives it for guarantee. Therefore the user’s guarantee service is refused if the indicator is red.

Smith says she had contact with water for her iPhone 8. Smith was refused any publicity when she tried to patch the model by Apple.

The complainant requests that Apple corrected the marketing process, pay for the costs, the lawyers, the consultants, and all other relief provided by the Court. The complainant has no idea how the proceedings could go wrong.

Reported by : Ehtisham

Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

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