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Serious Warning Issued For Apple’s 1.65 Billion iPad, iPhone, And MacBook Users

Apple had a wonderful year so far, but it’s going to change

 Every iPad and iPhone customer has received a critical new alert.

In recent weeks, Apple’s reputation for defending its customers has been threatened as a piece of surprising news after disclosure reached the App Store. And now, for 1,65 billion iPad, iPhone, and Mac/MacBook users from around the world, a serious new challenge has been unfolded.

AirDrop, the cross-device file sharing system of Apple that enables hackers to quickly access user data, was found by research from Darmstadt’s Technical University. Besides, researchers say that nearly three years earlier they warned Apple of this failure and they “neither recognized the issue nor said they were working on a solution.”

On the surface, this makes sense, but the team discovered that you can learn the phone numbers and email addresses of the users as an intruder. They just need a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone and to be close to a destination that starts the exploration process by opening the sharing pane on an iOS or macOS computer.”

From there, the researchers discovered vulnerabilities in Apple’s use of hash functions to “obscure” the shared phone numbers and email addresses during the discovery process: “hashing fails to offer privacy-preserving communication discovery because so-called hash values can be easily overturned using common strategies such as brute-force attacks.” Hackers can also access user information.

As a result of these revelations and Apple’s inaction, 1.65 billion “Apple computers are now vulnerable to the outlined privacy threats,” with no indication of when or even whether they will be fixed. “Users can only defend themselves by disabling AirDrop exploration in the device settings and refraining from opening the sharing menu,” the Darmstadt research team says in the meantime.

So the real question is did the technological evolution take a wrong turn for apple devices, and what will become of the 1.65 billion users of apple?

Reported by: Zarrish

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