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YouTube celebrates the success of content creators in Pakistan

Every month more than 2 trillion users come to YouTube to get their content, learn their skills and connect with their favorite creators and communities. There is no difference between Pakistanis – not only do they like to view YouTube material, but some incredible pieces that hit millions of fans worldwide.

Today, due to the success of such a talented maker of content, YouTube is celebrated by the inspiring video that has come out on YouTube and by his successful, fast-growing channel Village Food Secrets. The video shares a trip from a small village in Punjab, Shahpur. Mubasshir lived in Sialkot where he worked in a soccer company and would be back at home for the weekend.

This is when he cooked for his family – he loved an event so deeply that it was made into the material of Village Food Secrets, his YouTube channel. After four years of continuous inspirational content that demonstrated the idyllic rural life of Pakistan and shared his culinary skills, over 2.84 million subscribers from all over the world have gathered.

His brother, who has discovered vlogging and currently runs two famous YouTube channels, Mudassar Saddique & Food Secrets, introduced Mubashir, who is passionate about kitchen food.

When there were no proper internet services in Shahpur, Mubashir joined YouTube in January 2017. He recorded content with his mid-range smartphone and then traveled to Sialkot and used a chamber to edit and download from his office.

He has enjoyed success on YouTube in his village but, most of all has inspired all Pakistanis. People in the villages around YouTube now come to build content, earn a livelihood for their families, and share their stories with the global public of YouTube. YouTube continues to help and celebrate Pakistani creators of content such as Mubashir, who make groundbreaking YouTube content.

Village Food Secrets offers its viewers a fresher option, along with mouthwatering rooted in the heritage of the village, by representing Pakistani beautiful countryside. Due to its new content, the Channel of Mubashir grew fast and allowed him to help not only himself and his family financially, but also his village.

Reported by: Zarrish
Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

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