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Azad Chaiwala starts secondwife.com

This will help people find second, third, or fourth wife

British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala started his platform, known as second women, back in 2017. In an interview, Chaiwala, of Pakistani origin reported that he was only 12 years old when he “came out” polygamy, the website’s idea “coming out from my need and thinking in my situation that there will be others.” However, as Azad Chaiwala says, “there was a table on the subject in his quest for a second woman. He did face several hurdles. No member of the family wanted to help me find a second woman.”

In 2014, the entrepreneur, businessman, and YouTuber, Azad Chaiwala, founded the men’s matrimonial website. The website brings men together who want to marry potential women for the second, third or fourth time. The purpose of this website is to encourage polygamy in society.

The criticism received from his website is not ignored by Chaiwala. However, he defends his company with the statement that ‘other deceptive forms are not necessarily for relationships – affairs, adultery, etc.’ the idea was to create “greater and stronger families.” He also said.

The introduction to the website says:

We are a multi-game service for Muslim people. We established this service as we thought it was a Sunnah that we wanted to relive. This service is intended for Muslims who seek matrimony and embrace polygamy as their way of life.

The site also describes polygamy:

Polygamy is when an individual has more than one partner, and everyone agrees. It’s not tricky, and not bigamy. For thousands of people worldwide, polygamy is a choice and a way of life.

Interested people sign up for this platform and, like every other dating site, look forward to meeting potential partners. The website claims to be Muslim’s largest matchmaking service with confirmed profiles.

While Chaiwala argues that his site is safe, not everybody agrees. In the UK, where the entrepreneur is based and can be sentenced to up to seven years in prison, polygamy is not permitted to start. Chaiwala allows British polygamists to take civil or religious rituals that are not officially recognized to circumvent this legislation and escape legal difficulties. This has to do with the absence of financial and legal protection for both partners. Chaiwala acknowledges this but clearly describes it as a “hurdle” he hopes one day he will cross.

The website also has a problem in that it can leave people, particularly women, in a position to be used. What guidelines have been established to ensure that registered people seek to seek a wife rather than merely meet their physical needs under the pretext of a second marriage is not clear?

Reported by: Ehtisham

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