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Apple Unveils New And Exciting Updates About The New iMac, iPad Pro, and More In A Livestream On Youtube

Apple recently unveiled new updates and announcements about the new iMac, iPad Pro, and more in a Livestream on the 20th of April. This Livestream also talked about how Apple has been taking initiatives to turn Apple carbon neutral, and Tim Cook assures that Apple will turn fully carbon-neutral till 2030. As of now, all of Apple’s global corporate operations, with all of its stores, offices, and data centers, are running on 100% renewable energy. These initiatives walk hand in hand with their principals and drive them to create products and services that are better, easier, and more enjoyable.

Now let’s dive into some new, exciting updates regarding Apple’s products and services, starting with the Apple Card.

 The Apple Card:

   According to Tim Cook, the Apple Card aims at reinventing credit cards and, “enabling people to live a healthier financial life”. Almost all of the customers are loving the Apple Card and Apple believes that the launch of the Apple Card is the most successful credit card launch ever. Another exciting feature of the Apple Card is that it allows spouses and partners to share and merge their credit lines, have equal rights on their accounts, and build credit equally, allowing Apple Card to deliver equity. The Card will also have optional spending limits and controls for children, these fall under a set of features that Apple calls the “Apple Card Family”.

Apple Podcasts:

   Everyone is aware of the fact that Apple helped launch the Podcast industry about 15 years ago. Now, Apple confirms that it is making the biggest changes in Apple Podcast since its debut. These changes begin with a newly designed Apple Podcast app. They’re also introducing Channels to help users find new shows from their favorite creators, along with getting recommendations for new channels to explore. Another exciting feature unveiled in the Livestream was the Apple Podcast Subscription. This will enable users to unlock new content as well as unlocking benefits, such as ad-free listening, early access, and much more. The ” Apple Podcast Subscription” will launch in around 170 regions and countries. These new updates will make listening to podcasts more enjoyable and easier than ever before.

iPhone 12:

    iPhone 12 is the most popular smartphone in the world and people love its amazing features along with the plethora of beautiful colors that it comes in, well, iPhone lovers will be over the moon to hear that Apple is unveiling another beautiful color for iPhone 12.    According to Apple, iPhone 12 will now also be available in all-new, gorgeous purple color with all its elements of sophistication and brightness. Purple will be joining the iPhone 12 lineup for pre-order this Friday and it will be available on April 30th!


  Another new accessory that will be added to the growing ecosystem of “Find My” is the all-new and fascinating “AirTag”, which will make finding things much easier. AirTag uses the Find My network so that your iPhone can help keep track of and find your things. Users can even personalize their AirTags to make them their own. AirTag is fairly easy to use by itself or with beautiful accessories that Apple has designed for it so that it can be attached to anything, such as a backpack, luggage, or even your keys! Users can keep track of their AirTags in the Find My app. An exciting feature within an exciting feature, huh? The Precision Finding feature in the Find My app uses a U1 chip to get the precise distance to your AirTag, then it fuses that data with input from the camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to give you visual, haptic, and audible feedback.

    In the Find My network, anyone can use the app without sharing their location to anyone, including Apple as the app is used to track items, not people. Orders for the AirTag start this Friday and the product will be available on April 30th.

Apple TV: 

    Apple TV is known for bringing users the very best cinematic experience possible by giving them access to the worlds leading video services. Another aspect of the Apple TV+ that is very popular with the users is its plethora of original TV shows such as “The Morning Show” and “Ted Lasso”. Fans of the series will be very pleased to know that “Ted Lasso” is coming back for season two this July! Apple tells fans more about the next generation of the Apple TV 4K which is now built with the A12 Bionic, bringing a new level of performance that will be a massive upgrade to your TV. With the new A12 Bionic, Apple TV can now play HDR at a high frame rate, allowing the video to play more smoothly and appear more lifelike than ever before, which will be great for fast-moving action, like sports.

  The Apple TV will use your iPhones light sensor to compare your TV’s color balance to the industry-standard specifications used by cinematographers worldwide. Using this feature, Apple TV will tailor any inaccuracies in its setting and give you the best results and picture quality possible.


  According to Apple, the reception to the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini with M1 has been off the charts. Wired magazine recently called the M1, “a Mac revolution”. M1 delivers incredible performance, custom technologies, and revolutionary power efficiency. With a giant leap in performance per Watt, every Mac is transformed into a completely different class of product. It is also a fact that, as of now, Mac is leading the industry with complete customer satisfaction and with M1 representing the majority of the Mac sales!

  However, Apple has taken a step forward in this revolutionary journey of upgrading the Mac 1. With its system-on-a-chip architecture, M1 allows us to push the Mac far beyond what was previously possible. Apple has announced in their live stream that they have been introducing a new Mac that has been built from the ground around M1. The all-new redesigned iMac, with its bursting colors, is more personal, more powerful, and more capable than ever. The iMac’s new design is stunning, sleek, and revolutionary! With every generation, the iMac has moved closer to Apple’s vision of making the computer disappear( metaphorically Of course). Now, with the M1, Apple has the technology and the ability to make their vision a reality.

    It also has a True Tone. This automatically adjusts the color temperature as your environment changes, for a more natural viewing experience. iMac’s new design with its immersive display is comfortable, easy to use, and stunning. Apple has also taken the iMacs camera, microphone, and speakers to a whole other level. The camera in the new iMac is, according to Apple, the best camera they have ever put in a Mac. And to complement the camera, they gave the Mac a studio-quality, three-mic array.

   Furthermore, to create big, room-filling sounds speakers need to displace a lot of air. To do this, they increased the power driving the iMac’s sound system. The result is a six-speaker system that produces a massive soundstage with strong, articulate bass and crystal clear mids and highs. With its dramatic improvements in balance, vocal clarity, and instrument separation, iMac delivers a remarkably robust and high-quality experience. You can feel the difference immediately with the new iMac, as it wakes up almost instantly, and your apps launch with blazing speed. And with the powerful, creative apps optimized for M1, it’s easier than ever to explore your passion or find a new one. Machine learning is now up to 3 times faster, in apps that leverage M1’s 16-core Neural Engine. And because iMac has the same hip architecture as iPhone and iPad, you can run iPhone and iPad apps like headspace and Zillow, right on your iMac, without breaking your workflow. Users are going to love the combination of M1 and macOS on the new iMac. It’s the ultimate Big Sur experience. You thought I was done, didn’t you? Well, not quite! iMac has a state of the art connectivity for all your data and devices. It has up to four USB-C ports including two thunderbolt ports for super-fast data transfer, and support for up to 6M display. Now let’s take a closer look at the iMacs, keyboard, mouse, and trackpad options. You can choose three types of keyboards. First, there’s a Magic Keyboard with new Emoji, Spotlight, Dictation, and Do Not Disturb keys, and a lock key to instantly lock the iMac. Next, there’s a Magic Keyboard with an exciting new feature: the Touch ID, which comes to the Mac desktop for the first time.

iPad Pro:

  The M1 chip is not just in the Mac, it’s in the iPad Pro too now. M1 continues the momentum of the previous iPad technology by taking it to an entirely new level with a big jump in performance to run powerful apps and drive a high-performance ecosystem. The next level of performance that M1 unlocks on iPad Pro starts with its powerful CPU. Built around the world’s fastest CPU core in low-power silicon, the 8 core design of M1 delivers a whopping 50% jump over the industry-leading performance of the previous iPad Pro. What’s even more amazing is that compared to the first generation iPad, this iPad Pro now delivers up to 75 times faster CPU performance. It’s no wonder apps are pushing the limits of what’s possible on an iPad. The 8 core GPU is in a class of its own delivering up to 40% faster graphics performance. The graphics of this new iPad Pro is now over 1500 times faster. The raw performance of the iPad Pro, along with the ProMotion display, four speakers, and now, support for the latest PlayStation or Xbox game controllers, with haptics, makes playing games on iPad Pro insanely fun. With this combination of CPU and graphics performance, the new iPad Pro is, yet again, the fastest device of its kind. The new iPad Pro also allows users to access their content faster than ever with up to two times faster storage.

   M1 brings much more connectivity to the iPad Pro as well. The USB-C port already supports super-fast data transfers, however, now Apple is adding the thunderbolt with USB 4 support as well. Making it the fastest, most versatile port ever on an iPad. The iPad Pro now fits perfectly into so many more workflows with the addition of 5G as well. The blazing speed of the 5G lets you do anything, anywhere! To add more, the iPads versatility is further enhanced by its Pro cameras and the built-in studio-quality mics. On the front of the iPad, the TrueDepth camera instantly and securely unlocks the iPad with Face ID and takes portrait selfies. Furthermore, now, more than ever, it plays an important role when collaborating with co-workers, and connecting with family and friends. So, in the new iPad Pro, Apple is going to take an enormous step forward by updating the TrueDepth camera system to include an all-new Ultra Wide camera, designed specifically for the iPad along with the exciting feature of “Centre stage”. Apple is also taking a step forward by bringing the stunning front-of-screen performance of their Pro display XDR to their 12.9 inches iPad Pro so that users can take their XDR workflow wherever they go. This is the new Liquid Retina XDR display and it delivers 1000 hits of full-screen brightness, a breathtaking 1600 nits of peak brightness, and a phenomenal 1000000:1 contrast ratio, just like Pro Display XDR.

   The extreme dynamic range of the iPad is all about delivering a visual experience that reflects what we see in the real world. This means seeing the brightest highlights, along with subtle details in the darkest parts of an image. So HDR content with the finest specular highlights, like galaxies and star fields, is more true to life than ever. There has never been a display that delivers a visual experience on any other mobile device. So users are now able to do things they could never before. So this is Apple’s new 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display. This amazing set of features, that go beyond any display in the world. Of course, you can’t talk about iPad Pro without talking about the amazing set of accessories that adorn it and make it more versatile and capable. One such accessory is the Apple Pencil that transforms the iPad Pro onto an immersive drawing canvas and the world’s best note-taking device by far. The new iPad Pro also supports the Magic Backlit Keyboard. Finally, iPad Pro has been carefully designed to minimize its impact on the environment and is said to support Apple’s overall net-zero carbon goal. It uses 100% recycled aluminum. In every way, this is a gigantic step forward for iPad which pushes the iPad experience even further.

In conclusion, Apple announced on the 20th of April the reinvention of the credit card, as well as a major redesign of Apple Podcasts. They announced an all-new beautiful purple color for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The new AirTag was also announced with its ability to keep track of everything. The Apple TV 4K and the redesigned Siri remote, the new iMac and the new iPad Pro were all announced with their amazing and versatile features. To say that this is a huge step forward for Apple is an understatement. To get more updates, stay tuned and hold onto your hearts!

Reported by: Ehtisham

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1 Comment

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