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TCL has created a 6.87-inch phone that can expand to an 8.85-inch phablet size or fully extend to a 10-inch tablet

Once more, TCL teases a pliable telephone concept — a monster of Frankenstein that exhibited flexible concepts previously. It incorporates “dragonling” technology with an extensible display screen, which is known as the Fold ‘n Roll. The effect is a 6.87-inch telephone, which can stretch to 8.85-inch or a 10-inch tablet in full. Furthermore, there is no further specific information available to the company. 

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola have not been able to market foldable handsets commercially. The smartphone industry is also new to Foldable Phones. 

TCL tried the technology and now has a prototype product teaser posted. In reality, the company takes the technology a step further by delivering a single interface with three different form factors.

 The business operates a mobile that is flip-off and rolls able. The new technologies will allow TCL to create a lightweight, large-screen experience. A 6,87-inch Smartphone can be expanded to 10-inch size, a teaser has been released by the business!

Nevertheless, TCL could be good at addressing a weakness in the rolling market: accessible devices. Flexing, rolling phones are now reserved mainly for the consumer, and TCL can offer a less expensive alternative. Samsung indicated that a lightweight low-cost smartphone is about to come, but the new Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 options are still very expensive until then.

The ‘DragonHinge’ is a three-part technology presented during the 2019 IFA. Both tablets and smartphones used the hinges. The screen can be folded between 0-180 degrees. It uses a TCL-constructed folding AMOLED display. The hinge is framed by a flexible metal joint.

TCL does not commercially launch the product at any time soon, but before the end of the year, the company should launch a folding display smartphone.

Whilst the reliable idea of LG might have been designed for a flagship product, we will never know if this tech could be going down to a midrange device when the manufacturer leaves the smartphone market. There is surely room to jump in if TCL plans to offer something more affordable in space.

Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

Reported by: Ehtisham

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