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Flying Car Startup NFT Asks for a $5000 deposit now to get Aska flying car in 2026

If you trust flying cars you can now deposit $5,000 to get the Aska, which will land in 2026. If you believe in flying cars. On Thursday the start-up of the company called NFT in Silicon Valley opened a showroom to the entire aircraft.

In recent years, a certain number of startups have vowed to bring a driving and flight vehicle to the market, but no one has yet succeeded. NFT Inc. is betting on success where their competitors have struggled, with the company’s first electric flying car preorders opening Thursday for ASKA.

The Aska was first launched by NFT in 2019. It is an extraordinary design that can drive to and from conventional roads. It has folding wings, a top speed of 150 mph, a range of 250 miles, six battery-powered propellers as well as double gas engines to maintain batteries loaded. It’s a Japanese word for ‘flying eagle,’ but you won’t mistake Aska for real airmen with the size of a huge SUV (fit four passengers and has a 50-meter wingspan).

ASKA is not scheduled to be delivered until 2026 when the Company expects that the safety and traffic control regulations would have sufficiently evolved to encourage customer use of modern air mobility vehicles.

A spokesman of the company reported that NFT has already started receiving a $789,000 price mark including pilot training pre-orders for its vehicle.

NFT is among many businesses that expect new flight technologies to shake transportation. While Uber has drawn up its High Plan, numerous companies are involved in flying cars and flying taxis.

That includes major companies such as General Motors, Boeing, and Hyundai as well as start-up companies such as Uber’s air taxi program Kitty Hawk, Archer, Lilium and Wisk, Horizon Aircraft, and Joby Aviation. By 2041, air taxi expenditure is expected to rise to US$14.7 billion, the analyst IDTechX forecasts.

It is an ambitious ambition to be the first company to launch a commercial flying vehicle. NFT refused to reveal their supporters but said that the pre-orders — which entail a deposit of $5,000 — can be entirely refunded.

TechCrunch has told company founders Guy Kaplinsky and Maki Kaplinsky that air travel vehicles – like their ASKA leader – would radically change the lives of cities and suburbs.

Guy Kaplinsky said that “Most of our users are new pilots and safety is number one for us.” “The [battery] cell is currently the issue. In the universe, there is no inventor of chemistry cells to tell you that his cell will not fail and we are unable to take the chance.” However, depending upon the developments of battery technology, Kaplinsky said ASKA could sometimes become all-electric.

The ASKA is small enough to stay in the traditional garage or driveway and can recharge through electric car charging stations. ASKA is fitted with semi-autonomous third-party infrastructure, often in conjunction with some EV firms.

“We believe that semi-autonomous technology can allow customers to feel secure with a certain amount of control instead of being placed in a fully autonomous robot,” the company speaker said to TechCrunch.

Written by: Muhammad Abdullah

Reported by: Ehtisham

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