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Radioactive Waste Turned Battery

NBD in the midst of creating a battery that could last 28 000 years

Revolutionary is what the U.S. start-up company Nano Diamon Battery is developing. Ever since 2012, this company has been working on a battery-powered nuclear waste that is safe for humans to use. The extraction of nuclear energy will be done through nanodiamonds.

Now, already it is clear that these are not cheap items the battery primarily uses. Diamonds on their own are quite a costly item and handling radioactive materials is not only a hazard but an impressive financial investment that should never be handled carelessly. Nevertheless, with this creation, NDB aspires to soon reveal a battery that can last up to 28 000 years!

A battery that recycles nuclear waste and lasts up to 28 000 years may sound too good to be true, but if you break down how it works, it’s quite possible.

Essentially, this battery is going to include radioactive isotopes derived from nuclear waste and layer them between panels of nanodiamonds. Diamonds are known to have exceptional heat conduction qualities which will allow them to transfer energy from the isotopes at such a rapid speed that it’ll produce electricity during the process. Unfortunately, even modern-day miracles come with their downfalls. These cells will create very small amounts of energy, so an abundance of these cells would be required to power regular electronics and devices.

The future for this battery, however, is exhilarating. Already, NDB is looking into the usage of these batteries for spacecraft. They can permit smaller probes to operate on smaller amounts of energy for decades at a time. Spacecraft could go further and last longer than ever out there in space.

With more time and greater innovations on the production of this battery, it may even be seen seeping into more daily devices, powering LED bulbs, home appliances, and perhaps advancing the trend of electric cars into a greener, more environmentally friendly manner.

NDB has announced that they will finally have a finished and working product to show for in the year 2023. This technology innovation will open many doors for advancement in electricity capacity and everything we can utilize it for. Until then, the world sits and waits with an air of circulating curiosity.

Reported By: Daud

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