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New Possibilities Can Be Seen Emerging For The Tyres Industry As Development of Auto Sector Continues

For the first time in Pakistan, the local tyres industry will be gearing up to meet the ever-rising demand for tyres in the country right now. Companies such as General Tyre and Rubber Company Of Pakistan(GTR) have already initiated the development of an 18-inch tyre for SUVs for the very first time. It is crucial knowledge that General Tyre, the largest tyre manufacturer in Pakistan, has invested over 5 billion in the last 5 years.

The Chief Executive Of GTR, Hussain Kuli Khan, said on this matter, “The new players in the auto industry have diversified the local tyre manufacturing by increasing demand of new sizes of tyres especially with the induction of crossovers and SUVs”. Mr. Khan also added that the development of the auto sector in Pakistan and its diversifying effect has brought about new possibilities for the tyre industry.

The Chief Executive also added that this development in the tyre industry is dependent on how the government can ensure that smuggling is curbed and under-invoicing is addressed. According to Mr. Khan the industry should get the support of the government in making a sustainable plan. The annual consumption of tyres is around 10 million except for TBR and motorcycle tyres. The local industry contributes 18-20 percent of the country’s demand while imports are accountable for 15 percent and the rest is undocumented or smuggled.

Mr. Hussain Kuli Khan added that the local industry plays a crucial role in the economic development of a country. He elaborated that if a level playing field is provided to the industry, it can flourish, expand and meet all local requirements.

Reported by: Zarrish

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