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Google Limits Apps!

Google is limiting which apps can see everything else you have installed

Have you ever wondered why the apps you have downloaded should have access to a list of all other apps you have on your phone? It also raises the questions as to what kind of a door it opens and what else the installed apps in your phone have access to. Well, it sounds a bit creepy but don’t you worry because this article has some good news for you; Google has decided that they will be limiting which apps can see everything else you have installed which will give you and your phone some privacy.

In the world of technological advancements and continuous innovation, we are all getting caught up using these new technologies, social media, and everything in general because of all the facilities it provides us. However, one downfall of this tech generation is that we are losing our privacy, we are giving it away by ourselves in return for things provided by the internet. While some people might be okay with it, others see this as a real issue and are always concerned over how much privacy they are getting and what they are giving away in return for something like downloading an app or clicking on a link.

To control that data access, Google has taken an initiative to which apps will now get entrée to see everything that you have installed. Google has decided to be pickier about which apps on the Play Store can see all of the other apps you have installed via XDA-Developers. Your list of installed apps seems innocent and harmless but it can interconnect personal traits like dating predilections and political views, and other preferences that you might not necessarily want to share with the world, Ars Technica points out.

Google has decided that from May 5th,2021 developers will have to give a good and justifiable reason to explain why google should let them access that kind of information. A selective group of developers will be allowed to have access, such as file manager apps, browsers, and anti-virus apps that need the data for responsiveness, alertness, and standardization purposes. All apps with financial transaction functions like banking apps, digital wallets will be permitted and will get a pass for security and safety purposes.

This is a great step towards the future that will ensure while we use all these apps our privacy and safety remain intact and personal.

Reported By: Zarrish

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