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Your dream car may just be here!

MG’s EV sports vehicle idea looks just as striking as we envisioned

Only days in the wake of prodding us with true renderings, MG has shown us what its Cyberster electric idea looks like, before its Shanghai Motor Show debut in the not-so-distant future. Seems pretty  Something serious, huh?. The Cyberster is represented as a sporting design and is meant to harken back to the Chinese-owned company’s origins as a British sports car manufacturer.

While it hasn’t revealed any new details beyond what we already knew – a sub-3.0sec 0–62mph time and a reported range of up to 500 miles – it has provided us a closer look at the reimagined MG roadster for the electric era. The front grille is a little more obnoxious than we anticipated.

The concept’s front end incorporates round “Magic Eye” LED headlights that “open” when turned on, similar to those seen on classic MG models. The front bumper has a distinct patterning and a pronounced shovel-like lower lip. The design features bold ‘laser belt’ LED strips on the legs. The Cyberster’s rear end is flattened, with an LED light pattern that incorporates elements of the Union Jack flag. The flattened tail and rear spoiler, according to the manufacturer, help increase the car’s aerodynamics.

Furthermore Behind the flattened U-shaped multifunction steering is a big digital monitor. It has a big central console display with feeds from camera-based optical rearview mirrors on each side. The center console runs from the bumper to the back of the cockpit, effectively cutting it in half, with a touch screen for the gear selector and a rectangular display on the driver’s side.

There are additionally ‘Zero Gravity’ seats with ‘drifting’ head limitations – consider them delicate, puffy mists – while the red seats, entryway boards, and calfskin handles yell nearly as uproariously as the LED strips running down the side of the vehicle.

The Cyberster’s exact technical specifications are yet to be revealed, but MG claims it will be based on a bespoke EV system and will have an 800km range and a 0-100kph time of fewer than 3.0 seconds. It would also have 5G connectivity. When the Cyberster is on view at the Shanghai motor show, more information will be published. rips running down the side of the vehicle.

Reported by: Zarrish

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1 Comment

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    Your dream car may just be here! | Evolution Magazine
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