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China’s next aircraft carrier reported being nuclear powered

China is now on its way to building its 4th aircraft carrier as it intends to further advance its naval strength and this new carrier is reported to be nuclear power, as quoted by The South China Morning Post by sources near to China’s military. The source is that ship-builders “are keen on making a significant breakthrough” with the edifice of the 4th carrier. The source also said that “it will be a technological leap for the shipbuilding industry. Another anonymous source also informed The Post that the Chinese military resourcing a proposal “to use nuclear power for 4th carrier.”

The anonymous source did reveal if that decision was ultimate but they’ve told South China Morning Post that “it would be a very bold decision that is full of challenges.”The building of the fourth ship, due to the covid-19 outbreak and its restrictions, has already been halted for 2 years has now resumed earlier this year. Moreover, there are two Chinese Aircraft carriers already running and the third one is anticipated to be introduced this year, but none of them has nuclear power. Aside from the two aircraft carriers in function, China already has in its arsenal more than a dozen nuclear-powered submarines.

Therefore, this is not the first nuclear-powered Navy project that China has done. China is working to improve its carrier systems but has little understanding compared with other countries such as the US, which has managed integrated carrier battle groups with numerousvessels for decades. China operates on almost all the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea, where it has constructed military outposts on artificial islands. There are speculations that this nuclear-powered raft carrier was already building from 2017 because China had been reported to be assembling a vessel shipyard outside Shanghai, which was believed to be closer in magnitude to the US navy’s nuclear powered 100,000-tonne Nimitz-class ships which also had flat flight texts and catapults to enable planes to take off with extra bombs and fuel onboard.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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