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Being a CEO with dyslexia can be a tough job

It is said that dyslexic people are exceptional problem-solvers, which is a key component to being a good leader, but another prime factor is: being organized, which unfortunately doesn’t come easy to a dyslexic person

Chris Quickfall (a business leader) shared his experience and strategy to protect the state of his mental health while leading his company. Quickfall shared, how his stress caused him to lose hair from his face and head, sleep, and weight, he further explained as new people came, it was getting more difficult for each hire to manage them and to keep tabs on his competitors and as a result, he just worked harder, and longer hours, going up to 100 hours a week

After a year of this tiresome routine, Chris finally pinpointed his problem; he kept everything in his head: plans, strategies, tasks. To better himself, Chris set this rule for himself: he’ll write all his tasks down, “what are my yearly goals? what are my monthly goals? what task do I have to assign everybody?”

As a result, Chris now was less stressed and this freed up his mental capacity, which allowed him to perform more tasks, Chris says once you write it down, one can clear it from their head. Another tip that Chris gave was planning your day, which does come from listing all your tasks.

Chris was diagnosed with dyslexia while studying at university. To help people after graduating, he founded a company called Cognassist. It offers tests to detect neurodiverse conditions, (dyslexia, ADHD) and helps these individuals learn how these minds work and learn.

Cognassist has diagnosed more than 100,000 people by far.

Reported by: Zarrish



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