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Electric Cars in Pakistan

Javed Afridi Teases MG electric car that will cost less than rupees One million

In a post concerning a cheap and intelligent little electric vehicle (EV), Javed Afridi has once again received attention from Pakistani car enthusiasts and the general public, who would be great in Pakistan for many reasons. Haier Pakistan and Peshawar Zalmi’s owner is also the current MG car brand representative. He is also here with teasers from Pakistan’s new and hottest MG vehicles. This time, we were surprised by Afridi’s teaser Wuling Mini EV of a Chinese electric car. The Tesla Model 3 is a smart electric hatchback. Best of all, Afridi says that the EV will soon arrive in Pakistan, costing less than one million rupees.

Javed Afridi

The owner of the MG car brand is also Haier Pakistan and Peshawar Zalmi. It’s here too with fresh, hottest MG vehicles for teasers from Pakistan. This time the teaser Wuling Mini EV of Afridi from a Chinese electric car has amazed us. The smart electric hatchback is Model Tesla 3. Afridi says best of all that the EV will arrive in Pakistan shortly, costing fewer also one million rupees.

This EV is a compact, easy-to-use version with two versions – the basic version with a 9.2 kWh battery pack for 120 km and a better version with a 13, 8 kWh battery for 170 km.

Both of these versions are powered by the same powertrain, a single motor with a 13 kW torque of 17, 4 hp, and 85 Nm.

Sadly, airbags are missing, a critical aspect of protection. While it can be argued that many other vehicles do not even have airbags, the lack of airbags in any vehicle cannot be justified.

The Mini EV is extremely convenient because it is charged with features such as ABS brakes, tire pressure monitoring sensors, rear parking sensors, a rear AC system, stereo systems, 12 storage compartments, and 741 liters of trunk space with folded back seats. The mini EV is extremely functional.

Javed Afridi, one of the SAIC Motors’ subsidiaries, is an important partner in MG Pakistan. This means a probability and is a thing to look forward to the launch of the Wuling Mini EV in Pakistan.

As MG Pakistan is a Chinese subsidiary of SAIC Motors and Wuling Hong Guang Mini is a Wuling and SAIC Motors joint venture, the news of the launch of this EV in Pakistan has potential. In the price bracket of Rs. 6 to 9 lacs, the company would certainly reach the Pakistani market if it introduced the electric car.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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