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Entrepreneurs of Faisalabad, and the achieved milestone of Kamyab Jawan program!

FAISALABAD: 1,500 new Bossman

The Kamyab Jawan program that was launched back in 2019 by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, targeted the young and talented youth of Pakistan. The prime minister of Pakistan believed that his youth had power, potential, and the capabilities to overcome and achieve anything but they lacked skill.

This program was launched to help the youth in their technical and financial situations. According to the success scale of the Program today, it seems to be doing a remarkable job.

Phase one of the program was launched to help the youth in their financial situations, and they received over 433,149 applications request for a loan in a week, which was positively mind-blowing.

PM embarked 100 billion rupees as a loan for the people under the program.

MARCH 18TH: In an address to the Public, Usman Dar, a special assistant to the prime minister, stated that the youth had surpassed a huge milestone on the launched program, Kamyab Jawan. According to the raising numeric, 1,500 entrepreneurs are today owners of their businesses because of the loan provided by the scheme. An amount of 1.2 billion was given out as a loan to the youth.

He considers this youth program to be a great pathway for people who struggle financially, to achieve the dreams they have locked within. He says that looking at the success of the first phase, they would be launching phase two which would provide a skilled workforce for the industrial people and entrepreneurs, to unlock more potential youth and help them find their skills and jobs, according to their capabilities.

Moreover, in the interview, Usman Dar mentions the establishment of JPC (Job Placement Centers), across the country for extended help on the youth’s doorstep.

Reported by: Ehtisham

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