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12 Hidden Features of Whatsapp

Looking for ways to get more out on Android phones or iPhones from WhatsApp? We’ve got your return!
You’ll find hints in WhatsApp below about all kinds of secret functionality and tricks.

1.Shape the text into your messages to add certain verve

Texts may be modified, as in Phrase, for example, in bold, italics, or even in striking.

 You have to write text for bold in WhatsApp (* bold *), and put the text as following for italics: (_italics_). All you have to do is write your text like this if you want to cut it in a line: (~ strikethrough ~).

2.Vanish your messages

If it is triggered, after seven days, all your messages will be deleted from a conversation.

 Turn Disappearing Messages on top of your phone, clicking on the name of the contact or chat.

3.Send a note so you can later find it

All you have to do on your smartphone is tap on the important message you want to save if you want to save any message, and then a star will appear on your computer. Click on the message and you’ll be able to save the message in Starred Messages easily later on.

4.How to know when you read a message?

Do you have to know when you read your message? It just has to be pressed and the finger slid to the left. In the three-dot menu, you can also pick the Info option. You’ll see when a message was sent, received, and read in both cases.

Credits: businessinsider.com

5.Check out the people you talk to most about WhatsApp

The application not only helps you to handle the details that photos and videos occupy on your phone much more clearly but to see who friends you have most often addressed and changed the biggest quantity of information with.

6.Mute a talk 

Use WhatsApp’s silent feature to silence a talk by a chat group or friend who doesn’t get the hint that you’re busy.

 Android users should press a chat for a while and then tap the button at the top of the screen on the crossed speaker.

7.Keep secret forever

WhatsApp provides you with this option if you do not want anyone to see when you last participated in the program. Everything you need to do is go to Account Settings > Data > Last Seen and there are three choices for it: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

8.Disable receipts for reading

You can deactivate reading receipts in WhatsApp by going one step further. This prevents other users from recognizing that they have read a post.

Open > Account > Uncheck the box and/or turn to the off location next to Read Receipts.

9.Do not back up photos, default videos

If WhatsApp is not ready to save any pictures or video, it will disable autosave if you take room and store your pictures.

Turn Save to Camera Roll on your iPhone and open Settings > Chats. Go to Settings> Chats and turn off Visibility Media on Android.

Credits: youtube.com

10.On a phone, use WhatsApp

Sitting on your screen and using your full mouse and keyboard is a much better experience whether you chat or talk for a long time with an old friend. And you can only do this with very little effort thanks to the WhatsApp Online edition, PC, or Mac software.

11.Pick which form of reports you receive 

Both updates you get will be universal when you launch WhatsApp for the first time. To highlight some other key groups or individuals in your contact lists, you can change this to another tone.

12.Export a chat

Users of Android have to press the Menu button followed by More > Export Chat while watching a conversation.

 In the iPhone, a chat theme is shown, a contact name is taped at the top of the screen, a scroll down to the Contact Information page and the Export Chat is selected.

Reported By: Zarrish

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1 Comment

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