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Crashlanding at Elgin

F-22 raptor lands face-first during an emergency landing

A startling incident transpired on Friday the 15th of March 2021 at the Elgin Air Force base in Florida, where the very preeminent creation, the Lockheed Martin F-22 raptor meet with a terrible mishap. This stellar well-renowned invention rather un adroitly landed face-first during its emergency landing, and there was but a single person present in this very raptor at the time of the incident who was the pilot himself, the pilot fortunately and successfully landed this stealth raptor safely. Following that, the pilot was then instantly taken for an immediate medical evaluation to Elgin’s 96th Medical Group hospital to ensure that he was stable and well and was later reported to be in a good condition. However, the question which pops into the mind is, how this $137 million jet possess such a technical default to face such an incident, the exact cause of the crash is still unknown however to further look into this rather baffling matter, we have recently published pictures of the crashed F-22 which are evidence to the fact that something was dreadfully flawed with the landing gear of the aircraft which could be the possible menace behind this misfortunate event, as these pictures very clearly displayed the nose-mounted landing gear which unfortunately failed to deploy the landing of the aircraft.

Credits: popularmechanics.com

What’s even more shocking is the fact that this is the second incident involving an F-22 raptor which took place at Elgin in the mere period of 10 months. This aircraft that crashed was one of the 28 training jets highly valuable to the US military, it is rather exceedingly alarming now that, with the revelation of this mishap the United States has possession of only 21 jets that are capable of fighting within a moment’s notice. Moreover, this occurrence should not be labeled solely as a mishap as the loss of a single raptor will have great repercussions on the entire fleet as planes would be reallocated to replace this very crashed jet. 

Reported by: Ehtisham

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